One of the biggest challenges for a chiropractor is educating patients on the benefits of chiropractic care. It’s one thing for you to know the value that you provide. But it’s crucial that the client knows it too. If someone doesn’t know what they’re getting, there’s a good chance they’ll stop coming back.

One of the most important things you can share with a patient is the primacy of the nervous system. There’s a very simple way to explain this. Just take a look at the body’s priorities. How long can someone go without food? Weeks. How long can we go without water? Days. How long can we go without oxygen? Minutes. But how long can we go without energy and nerve flow? Not even a second.

The body runs on energy and this is where the benefits of chiropractic care come in. When you start educating patients about the importance of getting their nervous system checked, corrected, and maintained, it will open their eyes to the value they’re receiving. The nerves should always come first – before bone, before muscle.

The nerves are the ones that tell the muscles what to do, which then tell the bones what to do. Before you introduce other modalities such as massage therapy or physiotherapy, show your patient the impact you and your adjustments create on their nerve function.

Many new chiropractors struggle with low retention rates in their practices. Educating patients is perhaps the best way to improve those numbers. Let your patients know the benefits of chiropractic care. Once they understand, they’ll be much more likely to keep coming back!

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