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Communicating with patients is important but how many times have you had one of your patients talk to you for longer than necessary while you still have a whole queue of others to attend to? In today’s video, I talk about how to greet patients efficiently and how greeting patients with closed questions will help you make better use of your time as a chiropractor or health professional.

As a health practitioner, you may often feel that you want to use your time more effectively and help more people while also being able to take more time off for yourself or your family. One major way you can make that happen is by learning how to greet patients efficiently, so you can use your time better when communicating with patients.

Getting straight to the point when greeting patients and focusing on the thing they’re there for — your amazing service — is what will help you in communicating with patients more efficiently. Don’t allow them to dictate where the conversation goes and instead, let the reason WHY they’re there dictate what happens. The best way to do this is to ask closed questions, simple questions, or just statements.

Instead of asking your patients, “How are you today?”, try saying something like, “Hi, great to see you. Let’s get checked!”

Doing this will help them reaffirm why they’re there and what they need from you. You might feel like this can make you look insensitive. But the truth is, greeting patients and communicating with patients respectfully, though briefly, can show them that you care about them.

I invite you to watch until the end to hear our suggestions on how to greet patients succinctly through closed questions or simple opening lines, for better efficiency in your practice.

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