How do you stay on time when you have a “chatty Cathy” talkative patient?
Watch veteran chiropractor and amazing Full Circle Coach, Dr. Frazer Smith, redirect a talkative patient to keep them focused on what is most important in the adjusting room. Their health.

Remember that good chiropractic education for your patients is not just a wise business practice it is an essential clinical practice. After all if your patients do not follow through on your clinical recommendations because you cannot properly educate them to the value you are providing them, they will are less likely to get the full results they want and deserve and your practice will not grow into its full potential.

If you want to increase your internal referrals using a simple system we are happy to share our free resource “The Family Referral Magnet.” This is a system I developed that helped attract and serve more family members of my patients so that the whole family was healthy and happy.
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