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Do you hate the “ebb and flow” of new patients in your practice? I personally found those ups and downs in new patient bookings very FRUSTRATING! And, well, effective marketing is the answer. In today’s video, I discuss how to solve your healthcare or medical practice marketing problems forever through effective medical marketing solutions.

When I started coaching and consulting several years ago, I had no great revelations. I started from scratch and new patient fluxes rippled into patient volume fluctuations. Those volume fluxes rippled into revenue “ups and downs” which made it hard to plan for family holidays, kids braces, or repairs on the car without loading up the credit card.

There were times where my practice was just like a toilet seat at a mixed party, going up and down super frequently.

When I traced it back, I found the root cause was the inconsistent flow of new patients. And the cause of that was a limited understanding on how to do effective healthcare or medical marketing.

So how do you solve that?

I can tell you what I did. I dedicated a significant amount of time and money learning about effective marketing solutions until I had a predictable flow of new patients each and every month.

Keep watching to discover how you can solve your healthcare or medical practice marketing problems forever, start generating a predictable and stable income from your practice, and achieve the peace of mind you need through better medical marketing!

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