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In order to live the lifestyle you desire, managing wealth is crucial. By learning how to manage your finances effectively, you’ll be surprised at how much closer you can get to your financial goals.

Let’s first define what money is. If we accept Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity as a fact, then we know that money is really nothing more than energy. That means that it’s limitless.

Second, money is just an amplifier. I say this because many people view money as a corrupting influence – which it isn’t AT ALL. It simply places a lens over who you are.

Another important aspect of managing wealth is that you have to be clear about what you want and why you want it. Your intentions matter.

Fourth, know that you deserve wealth. Take in all of the tips I lay out in this video to help you manage your finances; but as you implement each one, you need to believe that you truly deserve to have money.

Then you need to know your numbers. How much money do you want in savings? What are your tax numbers? With those numbers clarified, you can then set a budget. Set a budget and then have the courage to live there. Just don’t forget to finance the things that inspire you.

When you learn to manage your finances, things start to fall into place. And with a clear vision of your money situation, the universe often steps in and lends a hand.

Start managing wealth using these tips, and you’ll have a better lifestyle in no time!

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