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Talking to patients about pain might not be the best approach for you. And so today, I discuss the 3 Ts of chiropractic coaching and the chiropractic profession. That’s trauma, toxins and thoughts. We’ll also talk about biochemical, mental, emotional, and physical stressors, and the best chiropractic technique for your practice.

Are you still asking your clients how they’re feeling and encouraging them to talk about pain? Often when I talk to my coaching clients, one of the challenges they face is getting their patients to stop talking about symptoms and pain. As a chiropractor, how do you drive people away from talking about symptoms, and better understand what you do and your solutions instead?

One way to do that is to stop talking about pain, yourself. Talking about pain is a terrible indicator of how healthy people are, so it’s less useful to focus on it. However, if you can introduce the 3 Ts into your conversations with patients, you’ll be able to introduce more about the nervous system and its role in chiropractic health.

The 3 Ts of the chiropractic profession and chiropractic coaching are historically important because they tie in the concepts of chiropractic health, and the different types of biochemical, emotional and physical stressors.

Stay tuned until the end to see how you can start talking to patients more effectively according to a chiropractic technique that focuses on healing.

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