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Ultimately, it’s not pain that brings people in to see you… it’s patient values. This is why talking to patients is so critical as chiropractors and healthcare providers. By having a simple conversation about how their symptoms are interfering with things they love and value, you can show them that what they care about is what matters most.

A lot of people use pain as an indicator of things going wrong. But pain is extremely subjective. Some people may feel like a tiny bruise is excruciatingly painful, while others may go months letting a seriously debilitating condition go untreated.

Why the disparity? It’s because it’s really not until something interferes with someone’s values that they feel motivated to seek treatment. Your values influence everything you think, say, and do – whether you’re aware of it or not. That’s why patient values are so critical to understand for us chiropractors and healthcare providers, and why talking to patients is such a helpful tool when it comes to uncovering those values.

As Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Your actions speak so loudly, I can’t hear the words you say.” In other words, if you want to see what someone values, look at how they live their life. That will tell you what’s important to them.

What activities can the patient no longer do? How is the lack of function affecting their daily life?

You may be surprised by how effective it is to have a conversation about patient values. Talking to patients not only shows you care as their chiropractors or healthcare providers, it also makes plain the reason why treatment is so important.

Have a conversation about values and see what a difference it makes.

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