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When I began my journey in the coaching and consulting space, I drew strength and inspiration from my intentions. There was no burning bush, metaphysical sign, or business guidance. I just knew what I wanted to do, and I started building a coaching business model. So in today’s video, I show you how to build a successful business strategy, and find your own North Star in business.

My ideal vision was this: I wanted to be able to take several holidays every year, working only 25-27 hours per week, and making a 6-figure salary as remuneration. Once I started working towards that and making it happen, people caught wind and asked me to show them how to do it.

Business has lots of choppy water, storms and challenges to overcome. How do you stay the course? How do you not get blown adrift and make some bad decisions that will cost you time, energy, and money?

YOU HAVE TO HAVE A BUSINESS NORTH STAR. But what is a business North Star? How do you locate one? How do you stay connected to it? How does it guide you?

We answer all of these questions as well as walk you through the exact steps to determine your business North Star in this video.

Keep watching to get business guidance, see how you can build the life and business you want through employing a successful business strategy, and how you can maintain a healthy balance while running your coaching and consulting business.

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