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I don’t know about you, but when I’m laser focused on what I’m doing I’m about three times more productive. But beyond simply getting more done, focusing allows you to feel fulfilled. It gives you clarity, stability, and even… freedom!

So, how can you increase your ability to focus?

There are many possible solutions. One effective strategy is to use anchors. Anchors are things that you can see, taste, touch, smell or hear. These are things that help you to remember that you truly are a child of God and that you’re talented, fabulous, brilliant, and gorgeous.

For example, I wear a leather bracelet as my anchor. It’s made up of three strands that remind me that when my mind, body, and spirit are integrated, it creates that greatest symbol of wholeness, which is the circle. That wholeness is what allows you to feel fulfilled.

Rituals are another great way to get laser focused. These are actions that you do that ground you. Some of my rituals include meditation, yoga, Tai-Chi, and working out. These activities, like the anchors, also help remind me that I’m talented, fabulous, brilliant, and gorgeous.

Ultimately, from this state of groundedness comes freedom and stability. When you get grounded, you create more space in your life to grow and develop.

How do you know if you feel fulfilled? You’ll know it when you go to bed at night and really feel like you did good that day. Try these exercises so you can get laser focused and start feeling that way every day!

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