Ever had that experience where you invest your heart and soul into educating a patient about their health only to have them not return to the Report of Findings or end care prematurely. Frustrating isn’t it!

Especially because we KNOW how much we can help them!

… but they just don’t get it.

How many times have you heard yourself say something along the lines of…

“I wish they would just get it.”

“I wish they understood chiropractic better.”

How many people in your community would be healthier and happier if they listened to your treatment plan AND followed through to the end?

So what is the obstacle here?

  • Is it the type of client I am getting referred to me?
  • Is it my town?
  • Is it the economy?
  • Damn insurance companies?

In this video I’m going to share the secret to getting through to your patients, and therefore increasing your patient visit average and retention rates.

The problem has never been the quality of the referral, it’s not your town, and it’s not the economy… because somewhere in your community someone’s practice is booming.

The problem is YOU!

The difference between a good and a great chiropractor comes down to the strength of their:

  1. Confidence
  2. Certainty
  3. Products
  4. Services
  5. Ideas

Studies at UCLA in the 60’s have proven that 93% of communication is non-verbal.

Therefore it’s not the words you’re saying!

You cannot fully educate your patients with your words.

What your patients receive at a subconscious level is the confidence and certainty you have in yourself and the services you offer.

There are THOUSANDS of people in your community who you know you can help get healthier, happier, and live a higher quality of life if you could just communicate how you can help.

So instead of looking outside, let’s take a look inside ourselves.

There are plenty of books, seminars, courses and coaching that will help you with your patient communication and education, and sure they’ve helped me in my practice, but I want to share with you the quickest and most simple exercise you can start today and will take you an hour MAX.

Here’s the exercise:

First step is to find ALL the testimonials you’ve generated over your career.

Hunt down all the online reviews on Google, RateMDs, Facebook, Yelp, Yellowpages, etc.

Look at what you have on your website and videos on Youtube.

Now I want you to look at how you’ve helped your patients – not just from the physical plane but from every area of their being.

Describe all the benefits you can of how you’ve influenced their Mental, Physical, Spiritual, Financial, Career, Social, and Family sectors of their lives.

It’s AMAZING how far the ripple effect goes when we dive deep into this exercise.

Amazing how many lives you touch with each adjustment.

Read this daily for 30 days.

All you need to do is dedicate 5 minutes at the beginning of your day to this exercise.

Just read a couple benefits per section and really OWN each piece – don’t just skim over it to cross this off your to-do list. Read it with your heart and soul.

Have your team do the same thing with you so you can have a synergistic energy buzzing in your practice!

This should immediately inject confidence in your services and the amazing work you do for your community, because the world has never needed what you offer more than it does right now!

With the level of stress and toxins in our society today, the need for great chiropractic care has never been higher. The world needs us.

Please make a bigger impact in your part of the world and increase your community’s health and quality of life by increasing your certainty and confidence and communicating this to your patients.

A client of ours recently started coaching with us who is now closing at least double the amount of treatment plans simply because she’s confident in herself and she’s dropped her attached to the outcome.

I’m telling you, the 93% of communication that is non-verbal is what is going to make the shifts necessary to increasing your retention and patient visit average.

If you want to see what coaching can do for you, we’d love to offer a free 60 minute call to see what we believe we could help you accomplish in your practice.

Just go to www.FullCircleCoachingandConsulting.com/call