Authentic Expression:

It’s that piece of ourselves that shines so bright, yet can be so blind. It’s that one thing that you do better than anyone else in the world, yet so many of us have no idea how to access and harness it.

Authenticity is your fingerprint on society that continues to bring colour to this world. It’s our way of standing out in a world that’s clouded by standards and definitions of how things “should be”.




Perhaps that is why it’s so challenging to express; because in order to create our own mold, we have to climb out of the already existent mold society has created for “us”.  Out of both fear and convenience, it’s easier to just be a conformist.

For some, being obedient and doing what they’ve been told all their life is how they’ve been placed into this mold. Then there are those who took to the opposite and rebelled against everything they’ve been told (although even for those who resonate with this archetype, it’s easy to fall into the defined mold for how a rebel should act).

Breaking free from the chains of old conditioning is tough and unfamiliar, but the beauty is that you begin living life by your standards rather than someone else’s.


“People today are dying for something to live for”

J.S.B Morse 

I believe that if you’re following the path or dream that someone else created/influenced for you, that the flame you light the world with is only bright enough to see two feet in front of you. In order to make this world brighter, we must be true to ourselves and the natural gifts and talents we were born to share.

If you as a chiropractor are reading this article and beginning to wonder if you’ve taken this life/career path as a conscious choice or influenced by outside factors, I encourage you to try this exercise. It’s called “Bored Out vs. Burned Out”. It’s a questionnaire designed to see if you still feel inspired by what you do, or if it’s time to take a hard look at your path’s direction.


Guest Written by Rick Tielemans –

Chief of Results at Full Circle & Meraki Marketing