The internet is a ruthless battlefield of businesses competing for the same audience attention. But there can only be one winner…

Are you going into this battle like a gladiator, or are you hiding in the corner avoiding the inevitable?

There are many reasons to visit a company’s website; It’s the epicentre. It’s the most reliable place to get all the information anyone needs… blogs, office hours, contact information, and reviews. Here’s a chart that shows the increase in online searches:

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Even offline marketing efforts can bring people back to your website as they search for your hours, your phone number, services offered and the feedback others have left about your services. Not only is this an important hub for information, but this is most often the first impression you give potential new patients.

Do you feel it represents you authentically & accurately?

Are you treating your website with the attention and love it deserves, or more like a necessary evil that you strive for “good enough”?

A welcoming experience online could be the make or break between new business and no business. The saying  “don’t judge a book by its cover” is saintly but not practical… we all do it.

You could be spending $500 a month on facebook ads bringing hot traffic to your site, but if it’s not designed to get them into the office, you’re wasting $500 a month…

Now, there are probably 1,002 changes you could make to your website for more visits and better conversions, but the focus of this article is going to be about Google’s most recent algorithm change … “Mobilegeddon”.

When I check Google’s Keyword Tool for a chiropractor in Toronto, ON and breakdown searches by device, 43% of the searches are from phones and tablets. Which is why Google is rolling out their new algorithm that hinders the rankings of sites that don’t look good on a mobile-device.

If your potential new clients can’t easily navigate your webpages on their phone or tablet, they’ll leave VERY QUICKLY! There are too many options out there to prevent wasting time on something that causes frustration or unhappiness.

Those local service providers who don’t cater to the mobile market are turning away A LOT of potential business… and it’s just the beginning of this trend.

So what can you do today?

Get yourself tested!

Go to and find out how well your site formats on mobile.

If you want to talk about the effects of Mobilegeddon on your web presence, or the other 1,002 website tweaks we talked about earlier, you can book a 20 minute authentic marketing call with us by clicking the button below…