Laziness is something that’s kept us all from focusing on goals at one time or another. That’s why in this video, I share some simple tips for focusing — even when you’re not feeling inspired!

The very first step is to shift your thinking about what it means to be lazy.

Laziness is actually hardwired into our genetics as humans. When the human body is not in fight or flight mode, it wants to rest and conserve energy. It’s a way of preparing itself for the difficult situations ahead. So, cut yourself come slack.

But how do you actually snap out of that laziness, especially if you’re already having trouble focusing on goals that you’ve given yourself? Here are a couple of tips for focusing and feeling inspired to get to your goals.

Do a core values analysis and ask yourself how fulfilling your goals will serve you. This is probably the best tool for getting inspired.

An alternative is to write down on a piece of paper the goal that you have. Then list the pros and cons related to achieving or not achieving that goal. How would those outcomes affect your relationships? Your business? You, personally?

When you use these tips for focusing on what matters, it’ll be easier to get into that space of authentic living. As you build velocity and momentum, focusing on goals and feeling inspired will eventually become second nature.