As a chiropractor or a healthcare practitioner, what could be better than getting new patients? The answer: keeping old patients with your chiropractic office. Effective internal communication and internal marketing are rarely utilized keys to patient retention and patient referrals, so in today’s video, we’re going to talk about just that.

There’s so much focus in today’s world on what happens outside one’s healthcare practice when it comes to marketing. However, while focusing on external communications is important, there’s a treasure trove of new patient opportunities from patient retention through patient referrals. What’s best is that effective internal communication doesn’t even have to be complicated.

In your chiropractic office, there are many elements to internal communication and marketing that are integral to running your business. These are things like table-talk, how to ask for patient referrals, patient retention, having difficult conversations with your patients, first call ideas, and first patient encounters.

To build a successful practice, you need to pay attention to how you talk to your patients and educate them. Effective internal communication will get you high patient retention and excellent patient referrals, while poor communication will do the opposite.

Stay with us for the whole conversation to see how you can master internal marketing and have effective internal communications, to help you be more, do more, and have more in your chiropractic office, practice, and your life!

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