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We often have an ideal location or place we want to reach in our healthcare practice and life, but how do we really get there? Today, I share 3 STEPS to help you get to your ideal patient numbers in your chiropractic office, improve your overall chiropractic practice management so you have more time for the things that matter, and break through your current status to experience growth.

The problem we often face in our profession is the assumption that there’s a standard magic number that you need to target and hit in order to reach a certain level of success. But that isn’t true.

First, what you must do is determine where you are in your life at present, so you can know what your “magic patient number” is. You have to consider the essential things as well as the other aspects of your life that make it comfortable for you and your family. Once you know the reality of those needs, you’ll have a better idea of what it costs to live your most authentic life.

So you see, the magic number for your chiropractic office isn’t a uniform set of patient numbers that work for every healthcare practice owner. Instead, it’s a number that works for you according to your expectations, responsibilities, obligations, and lifestyle choices.

Watch the whole video to see how you can grow your practice through these 3 steps that are sure to help you with your chiropractic practice management.

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