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Dr. John Balsamo

Location: New York, N.Y. U.S.A.

My experience was subconsciously igniting, emotionally uplifting, mentally stimulating, and visually a dreamscape.

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How To Avoid Chaos When Your Chiropractic Assistant Quits

Hi, Coach Fraser here! I have a question for you: When do you start looking for a new Chiropractic Assistant? Is it when your current CA is quitting? Today we’re going to find out how to improve this process so you can go from a Solo Team (which always causes chaos) to a Stacked Team…

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Is Your Practice Screwed Without You?

Do you feel like you’re constantly pushing a boulder uphill when it comes to growing your practice? Is your practice screwed if you let that boulder slip and go down for a week or two? The universe is always giving us signs to steer us in the right direction. Here’s what happens when you ignore…

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3 Steps To Sparking Greatness In Your Relationship Again

Looking for more passion, excitement, and intimacy in your relationship? Here are some of the keys to getting that spark back that you feel might have been lost for the past couple of years. I believe there are 3 keys to keeping your relationship spark alive: Trust and Communication Polarity Go back to the beginning Trust…

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How To Intentionally Manage Your Time And Money

Does your financial situation depend on how many patients choose to show up each week? Would you be financially secure if you had an unfortunate accident that took you out of practice for a couple weeks? Would you even be able to afford the medical bills? What about your time… is it a continuous cycle of just…

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Goals vs Wishes – Why You’ll Never Achieve “THAT” Goal

Some people talk a big game about the things they’ll accomplish – in business, in their fitness goals, etc. Today Coach Jay is here to talk to you about the battle between Goals vs. Wishes. What’s the difference? We all want to have more of what we value in life whether it’s money, family time,…

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How To Set Goals You’ll ACTUALLY Achieve

Coach Dodie here this week to talk to you about goal setting! Are your goals Smart? Or are you shooting for the moon and hoping to ‘land on a star’? At this time of year we all like to make a lot of goals for ourselves and then they quickly fall apart before we even…

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Should YOU Hire An Associate Chiropractor?

Are you considering bringing on a Chiropractic Associate to your practice? Have you really thought through all the reasons to make sure it’s a smart financial decision for your practice, and a smart time investment for yourself? If you’re considering hiring an associate… watch this video: One of the most common questions I get asked in…

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Chiropractic Patient Education DVD LEAKED: “Healthcare in the 21st Century”

Many years ago I filmed my healthcare class to show other docs how to implement an effective presentation for patient education. It was called “Healthcare In The 21st Century”. To this day, we help teach your Chiropractic Assistants how to run these for you. We understand how important chiropractic patient education is to a successful practice, so we…

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