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Stuck In A Rut? Try This Action Plan

Please excuse the audio issues. I wanted to post this anyway, despite the glitches, because I hope it can still help you! —— Do you feel like you’re stuck in a rut at the moment? If you’re anything like me, then you’ve been putting things off for weeks. Maybe even months. So that to-do list…

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Are You Bored Out? 6 Signs That It’s Time To Make A Change (+ 1 Bonus!)

Many practitioners get a burned out feeling and don’t even recognize it. If you can recognize when you’re bored out, you can make changes that will bring you back into alignment with your authentic life. Here are the signs that will tell you you’re getting bored with your life: If you find yourself daydreaming, that’s…

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What’s Your Practice Worth?

You have worked long and hard to build value in your business but what is your business actually worth on the open market?  Do you know?  Why would you want to know?  Well there are at least two reasons why you would want to know.  Succession/retirement planning – This asset can and should be part…

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The Secret To Learning How To Delegate (+ Why You Might Be FAILING)

Learning how to delegate is an essential part of effectively managing a team. In this video, I explain the importance of delegating, and why so many leaders struggle to do so. Every human being wants to make a difference with their lives. Everybody has a mission that seeks to be expressed. Delegation matters because it…

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Work And Family Life Balance – How To Make It Work

When it comes to work and business, it’s easy to let it take over your life – often leading to less time spent with your family. In fact, this is an extremely common problem with couples, with one person spending all of their time tending to family needs and the other spending there’s with work.…

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