Recently, I’ve been sensing some signs of boredom in my life. In this video, I discuss the importance of paying attention to these signs and how they can tell you that it’s time to grow as a person.

Everyone experiences boredom from time to time. Whether it’s restlessness, irritation, or just a feeling that you’re a little bit off but you’re not sure why, these are indications that you need to make a change. It’s your authentic self communicating to you that your current state is not reaching your potential.

Boredom is there to tell you that it’s time to grow as a person. One of the main reasons we’re alive is to grow. This process of learning is lifelong and doesn’t ever stop. After all, we’re on a journey to fulfill our purpose. The signs of boredom that you experience will tell you how to move forward on that journey.

So, if you’re feeling restless, I encourage you to go inside and reflect on what part of your life you need to change. Are there aspects of your life that have become stagnant? Look for those areas needing change.

How you do anything is how you do everything. As you grow in one part of your life, you’ll grow in other aspects of your life as well. Make one small change in how you do something and it’ll show up in your work, your relationships, and your home life.

When you feel signs of boredom creeping up, do something that makes you feel uncomfortable. By challenging yourself to learn something new, you’ll grow as a person.