I don’t remember seeing “must be able to run efficient and effective education systems” on the sales pamphlets encouraging me to invest in my chosen career of chiropractic.

I don’t remember seeing “must be able to recruit, train and inspire a dedicated team” on those pamphlets either.

business coaching

I don’t remember seeing “must be able to read profit and loss and balance sheet statements and play part time Chief Financial Officer” on those darn pamphlets either.

I don’t remember seeing “must be able to learn promotion and selling skills and be able to create successful one year marketing plans and track the return on investment” on those damn pamphlets either.

In fact I could summarize a lot of the above by saying those $#!##$%!@#$ pamphlets did not say anything about having to be an awesome business person and entrepreneur to successfully share my gifts with humanity as a chiropractor at the most optimal level possible.

And yet ……. that is exactly what I learned in my first months in business. I needed to develop and own these skills, tools and talents if I was going to thrive in my practice. My question was …….. where in God’s name was I going to acquire them because my formal education to that point had not prepared me well at all?

Thank God I had some interest and natural proclivity towards numbers, business skills, leadership and communication or I would have floundered worse than I did in those early years. However I quickly realized those limited skills were not going to get me where I wanted to go with my career so I started looking for answers through books, seminars, coaching and mentoring.

To the degree I have been a success, by my own standards, in my life and business is directly proportional to the speed and accuracy with which I learned and integrated the skills needed in a small business to excel. Communication excellence, leadership, business math, marketing, sales skills, education skills, planning and organizational skills are just a few of the many skills needed to be a successful small business person in today’s world.


Let me share with you the top 15 reasons I believe you need to put more business in your business; (more structure and systems)

  1. Allows you to express your God given talents in an organized and meaningful way and therefore reach greater numbers of people.
  2. Creates order out of the chaos which lowers the business owner and their teams stress level and therefore increases their focus
  3. Increased focus leads to better products and services which raises sales and revenue
  4. More structure creates reliability and reproducibility in the outcomes so that all the people you serve have a similar and predictable experience with your products and services
  5. This reproducibility in outcomes creates less stress for the owner and team and less second guessing about what they are doing right or wrong
  6. Reproducibility creates more referrals of friends and family which ultimately drives revenue
  7. This increased and/or stabilized revenue creates job security for team members and predictable income for the business owner to plan their personal life.
  8. With order comes clarity and with clarity comes creativity which leads to better more creative marketing and education systems.
  9. Stable and predictable financial systems allow you to be a better CFO and make more informed and quicker financial decisions to better steer the company.
  10. More structure and systems leads to a more stable and higher performing team which creates better quality and quantity of service and products for your clients and ultimately more revenue.
  11. More structure and systems leads to creating a human resource “bench” of talent so the business is never left stranded with a sick team member or a team member leaving.
  12. Stability with structure and systems allows for creativity and expansion which can lead to new divisions and new income streams
  13. Systems and structure allows for succession planning and creating an opportunity for you to pass the baton of your business so someone else can come in and replicate the amazing results you create for your clients
  14. Easier to sell a structured business and it will be worth more as well
  15. Hell of a lot more fun to go to work each day and perform without the chaos.


Hopefully I have enrolled you in the value of putting more business in your business. The next question that should logically come up then is “what do I do now? What is the next step?”

Well if you are more of a “do it yourselfer” I would recommend you click this link here which will give you access to our recommended reading list for business, finance and leadership (it is a pretty big list just to warn you).

If you are more of a “I want to be warm so teach me to build a fire, I don’t have to figure it all out on my own” kind of person I would recommend you go here to fill out our business self assessment checklist. Once completed you will get the undivided attention of one of our authenticity coaches to go over it with you and lay out a short term game plan for how to put more biz in your business.