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Are you ready to take on new team members in your practice? How do you know you’re ready to hire?

Well, there are 10 indicators that’ll help you know.

First, you need a strong desire to increase the number of people you serve. Without that strong desire, the rest of the indicators aren’t as relevant.

Second, you must have a stable existing team. If you don’t have one in place beforehand, you might not be ready to hire. All you’re going to do is add more chaos to the mix.

Third, you need outcome-based assessments. The days of job responsibilities are over. Clearly define what outcomes need to be achieved by your new team members in order to be successful.

Fourth, avoid causing clients to wait. If you have clients consistently waiting for more than 15 minutes, then it means you may be at a point where you’re ready to hire.

Fifth, are you having system breakdowns? If, despite everyone’s best effort, things aren’t working as they should, you may already need to bring on another team member.

I share 5 more indicators to help you gauge if you’re ready to hire in your chiropractic or healthcare practice. If you think you’re at that point where you need new team members, ask yourself if you recognize these 10 indicators in your business. If so, then it’s time to start hiring!

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