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What health business goals have you set for your practice? What is your theme for the year? Is your team on board and ready to support you with your business goals and planning? Failing to plan can be detrimental to your business, so in today’s video, I discuss having a vision and planning ahead for the coming year.

Do you have a plan for how you’re going to serve your clients and your community at the highest level possible? How will you grow?

As my mentor has taught me years ago, you can either be “Failing to plan” or “Planning to fail”. And you end up in the same place – a prisoner to the “Practice Plateau” that comes from stale mediocrity. But there’s a simple solution.

Have a plan for how to express more of your inherent greatness to the world! Make a bigger difference in your life, reach your health business goals, and have more fulfillment, joy, and prosperity as a result.

But why, you might ask, are we celebrating the past year first?

Simple…you can’t leave a place you’ve never been to. You can’t leave Little Rock, Arkansas, if you’ve never been there. It’s physically impossible. Similarly, you can’t grow beyond your current level of manifestation in your business if you can’t own and celebrate where you are in your health business now, and how that serves you.

Celebrating the wins of the past year is where we’ll start, and I have the perfect formula to ensure we all OWN the many, many wins I’m confident we’ve all experienced.

Acknowledging your own greatness by celebrating your wins is a lesson I consistently learn over and over again. Focusing on looking back over your shoulder at all of the amazing things you have accomplished is wise and sets you up for success in the new year.

If you want to make the next year one of the most authentic, prosperous, and meaningful years of your life, I invite you to watch the whole video to see how you can stop failing to plan, do your health business goals setting, and make sure that you’re planning ahead for the future of your healthcare practice.

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