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As a health entrepreneur, do you think you can do something extraordinary like climb Mount Kilimanjaro or make a Million Dollars this year? If you doubt that you can, it’s probably because of self-limiting beliefs and the “Energetic Space Occupying Lesions” (ESOL) that take up space in our minds. And today I want to talk about eliminating these so you can start manifesting your goals, and bring them to life.

At Full Circle Coaching and Consulting, we’re all about helping you become more so you can do more and have more of what your heart desires. Part of becoming more requires that you let go of the self-limiting beliefs you may hold, that stop you from getting to where you have the potential to be.

You’re a brilliant person, and you can do a lot of amazing things to make great impact on the lives of people in the world and the people around you. You have within you the ability to achieve all the things you desire in this life, and I want you to know that and pursue manifesting your goals.

Have you heard of the acronym ESOL? It stands for Energetic Space Occupying Lesions. I created this acronym after meeting many high potential clients who were on the verge of something great but were limited by a blockage in their perception of the next step in their journey.

The truth is that when your mind is overloaded by ESOL, they overwhelm you and block you from becoming what you want to be. You need to overcome it, and keep in mind that you can achieve what you desire!

By eliminating self-limiting beliefs in your life, you place yourself at a better position to start manifesting your goals. Watch the entire video to see how you can achieve everything in your potential.

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