Our world view or beliefs completely dictate the things we intend to be, do and/or have in our lives. Those intentions then influence or dictate the things we commit to in our lives, and those commitments guide our every action or inaction we take. spiritual coaching

The end result of those world views or beliefs is something called ourreality or otherwise known as ourlife.

If we are not living the life of our authentic dreams we only have our core beliefs to blame, not our circumstances, our community, our education or our spouse. It all starts and stops with us.

The challenge with this knowledge comes when we realize that 80% of our beliefs were formed by the time we were 6 years old. That means that we have very little if any conscious control about what is deep down in our subconscious minds which is guiding or influencing our every thought, emotion and action/inaction.

To use a computer analogy, it is like we are a blank hard drive that comes into the world with an operating system that people of influence then spend the first 6 years of our life programming and downloading software programs on, which in human characteristics we title these: your beliefs.

Many of the thousands of clients we have coached and consulted with here at Full Circle Coaching appear to have similar software programs downloaded.

Let me list some of the more common ones below;


  • I Am Not Good Enough

…and it’s top selling cousin: I Am Not Smart Enough

  • Scarcity Consciousness overriding their Abundance Consciousness
  • You Can Either Have a Successful Family OR a Successful Business/Career but not both
  • You Can’t Be Spiritual and Be Rich As Well
  • Being Successful Takes Too Much Work and Takes Away From Other Important Things in Your Life


These are just a sample of some of the more common dilemmas we run into as Full Circle Authenticity Coaches on a daily basis. Lets shine the light of day on these limiting beliefs through the lens of spiritual coaching and see if will create a different outcome.

Most spiritual teachings speak about a matrix of intelligence in the Universe that is characterized as infinite, loving, powerful, creative and wise. It is the birthplace of all energy which is then converted into matter for us to have the physical experience we call our reality.

In light of those “basic” teachings, lets look at the five limiting beliefs and the impact Spiritual Coaching can have on them, and therefore the results you get in your life and with your business:

  • I Am Not Good Enough/Not Smart Enough – If we are made in the image of this powerful, creative, infinite and wise intelligence … what gives us the right to think we are not good enough or smart enough?If we are fractals of that intelligence we have access to those traits within us. We may not have developed our character, intellect or skill sets fully but that is very different from not feeling like WE COULD EVER BE GOOD ENOUGH OR SMART ENOUGH.
  • Scarcity Consciousness vs. Abundance Consciousness – If we come from an infinite loving Intelligence that has created the immense beauty and abundance of our world, solar system, galaxy and Universe how can we buy into a reality that says there is not enough love, time or money available to us?
  • You Can Either Have a Successful Family OR a Successful Business/Career But Not Both – This is simply buying back into the scarcity consciousness as scarcity consciousness has us buy into “either or” thinking versus “both” thinking which is more in line with a creative, powerful intelligence that is infinitely abundant.
  • You Can’t Be Spiritual and Be Rich As Well – This is more “either or” scarcity thinking but it also assumes that rich people are somehow different than everyone else.Money is a creation of the infinite Intelligence as much as anything else is, so at it’s base it is just energy.

    Therefore the money has nothing inherently good or bad in it and in fact it is just an amplifier of what is inside the person. If they are a great person they will just be greater when they are rich. If they are a butthole they will just be a bigger butthole with money.

  • Being Successful Takes Too Much Work and Away From Other Important Things in Your Life – Again “either or” scarcity thinking that is not in line with an infinite intelligence.I would also offer that the key to working less is to only work on things that you are inspired by (that come from within) and you will never feel like you are working again.

    Also staying connected to the matrix of Intelligence through meditation and/or prayer is a huge advantage to minimizing the amount of work it takes to create the same result.

Spiritual coaching has been responsible for most of the greatest breakthroughs in my life and business. This is the process of clearing old subconscious programming and mental blocks. To start the process and clear your mental blocks, click below.