“What in God’s name is wrong with you?” I asked my “chubby buddy” (as he is affectionately known) as he thrashed and wrestled around in the bunk next to me at my wilderness lodge a few weeks ago!


“Nothing” he snarled back!


“Well then for heaven’s sake keep it down! Can’t you see some of us are trying to get some sleep.” I retorted as the thrashing and cursing continued in the bunk across the room. blue sky“I have to pee like a racehorse and my #$@#$!#%^ zipper is stuck and I can’t get out of this frigging sleeping bag” he said with a pleading tone in his voice.  Once my belly ripping laughter slowed down I couldn’t help but poke some fun at my “chubby buddy” ”Isn’t it amazing how such a little thing as a stuck zipper can keep a 240 lb. man prisoner.!” I said through fits of laughter. Thankfully he was able to “escape” from his sleeping bag and get out to the washroom so I don’t need to replace that mattress anytime soon ………. If you get to a retreat this summer I won’t tell you what bunk he was in so don’t ask, just trust me that all turned out well! As I reflected on this little incident later I was thinking about how simple little things in life like a stuck zipper are often the things that hold us up and limit us from expressing our greatness to the world! Many people are looking for the big issues and burning bushes in their life to be the cause of them not expressing their authentic greatness to the world!


While this is true in some cases it tends to not be the case as often as it is the accumulation of little things that hold us back! A case in point is a chiropractic office that I was in recently where I was waiting to get adjusted. While I was waiting I listened to my friend interacting with his clients and one thing I noticed was that when they were finished up with the service for that day, there was no instruction as to the next adjustment or no confirmation of the next service in the sequence!


When it was my turn to get adjusted I mentioned it to my friend. He just looked at me sort of awestruck as he recognized the simple truth of what I was sharing with him and realized that a VERY important part of his service to his practice members was missing!


That was over two months ago and his practice has literally EXPLODED in volume!. He is busier than he has been in years and his quality of service has gone up in proportion to his volume. All it took was someone to notice where his version of a “stuck zipper” was, bring it to his awareness and everything flowed from there!


So …………. the next time you are working a zipper think about the pure simplicity of the operation of that zipper but also reflect on how if that simple zipper isn’t working correctly ……….. it can have a major impact on your life and your chiropractic marketing!


Then reflect on what “little” things in your life may be holding you back from expressing more of your greatness to the world and commit to correcting them!


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