Imagine walking into a Broadway show, a professional sporting event or an entertainment venue of some form and watching lifeless uninspired people going through the motions of their performance. How would you feel? Would you be excited? Would you be inspired? Would you feel like telling your friends about it and referring others to the venue? I didn’t think so.


Now imagine someone coming into your office and meeting dry and lifeless people going through the motions of their day without any passion or inspiration. Imagine how excited they would be to tell their family and friends about your practice and refer them in for care.


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INSPIRATION comes from the Greek word “enthos” which loosely translates as “coming from spirit.” When you are inspired the biggest and best that is within you (your spirit, your essence) is being expressed and the power, charisma and energy of that ……..which is a fractal of and connected to the energy, wisdom and power of the Grand Organizing Design or Universal Intelligence ……..   shines through in all it’s magnificence. This is obviously very powerful and very charismatic and people aren’t even sure why but they just want to be around you.


Regardless of your particular philosophical view of the world or religious persuasion anyone can be inspired because it is an “inside out” thing. In other words you can be the most mechanistically oriented person in the world or an atheist and be very inspired. All it takes is the ability to “connect” to the power and passion of your authentic expression and then let that shine as you go forward in your work and in your personal life.


It often surprises me how quickly we as chiropractors (and our teams) get “numb” to the miracles that occur every day in our practices. Mrs. Smith is excitedly telling you about how her daily headaches have subsided and her energy is way up and her indigestion is gone and she is feeling more in love with her family than she has in years and we say something like “wow, yeah that is great now lay down!”




We get the privilege of working with the subtle substance of the soul, the tiny rivulet of force that animates the living world, the force that turns lifeless clay into thinking, loving beings ……… and we have a hard time being inspired! We get the privilege of making a huge impact and difference in people’s lives …….


The least we can do is REMEMBER THAT and stay connected to the privilege it is to be a chiropractor working with the most powerful force in the Universe …… the force of LIFE!


Do yourself a favour next week, start each day with a gratitude exercise and give thanks for the privilege it is to be alive, to have a purpose in life, to have a career that allows you to serve at the highest level and make a difference in people’s lives.


Stay present time conscious to the miracles that are going on around you every day and truly celebrate those miracles as they are revealed to you by your team, your family and particularly your practice members. Be inspired by that … could you not be ……. And watch the difference in the quality of your life and the quantity of practice members you get to serve as that inspiration ripples out into the world!