VISION is defined in Webster’s dictionary as “the act or power of anticipating that which will or may come to be!”

If you interpret this definition the way I do then you can see that it is referring to both a verb ………. “the act” …….. and a noun ………. “or power” ………. when it is referring to “anticipating that which will or may come to be!” What is inspiring to me about this definition is it leads me to understand that you can enhance/develop/reveal your vision by TAKING ACTION!

So many of my coaching clients tell me that they would love to know what their vision for their life and practice/business is but they just can’t seem to access it or it hasn’t been revealed to them yet! They seem to think that having a clear vision involves some sort of divine revelation or spiritual experience!

While this is one avenue that a few select individuals have experienced the most common way is to “take action” and work your way through revealing your vision! All you need are the actions steps for how to do this! However, before we go there lets briefly review some of the many reasons why having CLARITY OF VISION is so important! I have listed SEVEN KEY POINTS below;

  1. Vision provides you with a blueprint to guide you so, just like building a new home, you know what materials you need, what to do with them when you get them and where they go!
  2. Vision acts like a roadmap to let you know how far you have to travel to get to your dreams and where the turns and hills are so you can anticipate and plan accordingly!
  3. Vision allows you to explain your dreams to others and recruit them to assist you!
  4. Vision allows you to bond with people headed in the same direction you are, learn from each other and support one another in accomplishing your dreams!
  5. Vision allows you to set clear intentions/goals for the millions of “sub-steps” it takes to manifest your vision thereby propelling you rapidly forward towards manifesting it!
  6. Vision makes you a dynamic and effective team leader that others want to be around since it is clear to them what you want and how they can express their inherent greatness by supporting you in their role!
  7. Vision allows you to say “yes” or “no” to the many people/places/ideas and events that cross your path on a weekly basis ……….thereby eliminating procrastination forever …………. since you can quickly see whether they support your vision or not!

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Now lets turn our attention to the action steps necessary to reveal, clarify and/or enhance our vision? I have listed SEVEN KEY ACTION STEPS  below;

  1. Clarify your core values so you are clear about what is at the core of you that is looking to express itself!
  2. Write a list of the things you know for sure you don’t want in your life/vision! Knowing what you don’t want is a sure fire way to discover what you do want!
  3. Write a list ………. notice I keep saying “write” as it is one of the most commonly overlooked aspects of manifesting people make! They don’t take things out of the ethers and write them down in time and space …………. of the times, events and people in your life in the past, that have brought you the most joy and/or inspiration. Most of us want more joy and inspiration in our lives so model these experiences for the future.
  4. Write out a list of the things/events/experiences in the future you would love to have that will light up your soul and get you emotionally excited about life ……….. I call them Big Rocks …….. and then put a price tag on them! For clarity these things may not cost any money at all!
  5. Write out what it costs you to live your current lifestyle ………. spending template or budget. Add whatever upgrades or downgrades necessary to give you the most accurate representation of your inherent greatness. Make sure you can clearly see how these upgrades or downgrades support your core values and don’t forget to include savings for financial stability and/or retirement into these numbers!
  6. Reflect on and write about the shifts in thinking, evolution in action steps and growth in systems needed in your business/practice to support your clearly defined VISION for your life!
  7. Write a timeline for manifesting the shifts/growth/evolution in your business practices and your life needed to support your VISION!

By following these 7 steps you have not just revealed your VISION with amazing clarity ……….. YOU HAVE ALSO MANIFESTED AN IMPLEMENTATION SCHEDULE FOR BRINGING YOUR VISION INTO REALITY!

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