There are two lies “they” like to tell you about getting rich.

Number 1: You need to be a Millionaire to be considered rich.

Number 2: You need multiple sources of income to get rich.

Let’s take the next 5 minutes to deconstruct these fallacies.

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You Don’t Need A Million Dollars to “Make It”


Everyone has their number.


For many of us it’s $1,000,000 give or take a 0.


The “M” word is tossed around like a hot trend. It’s a perfectly rounded number, perceived to solve all your problems. But why are so many of us fixated on this number?


Society has done a brilliant job of glorifying The Jones’s or the Rich Kids of Instagram. We can blame government conspiracy and new media for this distraction, but I prefer to blame our own individual laziness and ignorance.


If your perception of wealth and success is a perfectly rounded number that ends with 3 zeros, I’m calling bullsh*t.


Everyone wants different things.
Everyone comes from different circumstances.
And everyone’s vehicle for making a living is different.
Therefore everyone’s financial target for success should/could be different.


Something we like to beat to death at Full Circle Coaching and Consulting is that you can’t get what you want if you don’t know what you want.


The universe abhors a vacuum. Meaning the very minute you’ve consciously crafted a highly specific goal, and made room for it in your life by cutting out the things that stand between you and this object, the universe works to pull it into your existence.


Not by magic, but by introducing you to the right opportunities and growth lessons you need to become the person who actualizes this goal.


That being said, if your goal is a million dollars then tell me and the universe EXACTLY what that money is for.


To the dollar.


Likely, you’ll come up short.


So instead, write down everything you need and want to afford in order to consider yourself a “successful person”. I guarantee it’s WAY less than you expect and WAY more inspiring to reach this goal.


You Need Multiple Sources of Income to Get Rich


I’ve heard time and time again that it takes on average 7 sources of income to become a millionaire.


First of all, if a million isn’t even your goal then we can instantly shut down the need for 7 income sources.


Now I don’t know about you but the more projects I have on the go, the less results I can achieve. When your focus is spread over five different things, it’s easy for things to slip through the cracks, deadlines to be missed, goals to be forgotten, and successful results to be categorized with unicorns and rainbows.


The most common acronym for achieving great things is that of FOCUS:

Focusing (on)






Energy goes where intention flows. You can’t expect to take on more, and have equal positive results from your main project.

A great example of this is multi-tasking. It’s been proven that it’s not effective because you’re really not doing two things at once, you’re switching back and forth repetitively. It’s also why using your cell phone and driving is now illegal.

We’ve seen examples in our coaching business of docs getting bored in practice, so they dabble in the stock market. Or they invest in an internet marketing course so they can start making money online.

Then what happens like clockwork is their patient’s stop showing up and their PVA goes way down. New patients stop calling because the doc has borrowed energy from marketing their practice and put it towards other ventures. The revenue …… if any …… they generate off the new blinky/shiny venture exactly equals the drop in their main business revenue. Net gain ……. ZERO!


Are you guilty of this?


The trick is to figure out how to inspire yourself each and every day through your practice, business, or project.

One exercise you can try is to connect your values with your business.

Let’s take the value of Family, which is one of the most common values our Full Circle clients have.


There are many ways you can connect family to a chiropractic practice:

  • It provides an income to support your family
  • It’s a service that is attractive to parents
  • It allows you to be surrounded by children or the elderly or BOTH, it’s up to you!
  • You set your own hours so you can sit down with your family for dinner each night


If Health is of high value to you, here are a few ways we can connect a chiropractic practice to a healthy lifestyle:

  • You provide a service that allows your patients to increase the amount of life force energy they can bring into their everyday
  • You have a waiting room you can stack with green tea, water, and healthy snacks for yourself and your patients
  • You set your own hours, allowing you to fit a 10k run in before work or to leave early enough to hit the gym before a family dinner
  • Your patients trust you as a health professional, allowing you to create stretching and workout protocols for them to do at home OR start a group program so you all benefit from synergy and accountability


Find out what really makes you tick, then figure out how you can fulfill these values through your business.


A values-based business model, combined with an authentic vision for what success looks like for you is something we have built our entire coaching business on.


It’s rare to find a company that teaches successful chiropractic business systems and principles, but who remains dedicated to the individual’s success at a deeply personal level.


If you’re longing for a way to create more success both personally and professionally, but you’re unable to figure it out on your own, book a free strategy call with an FC Coach so we can help you discover your first steps.


It’s a no obligation, no strings attached phone call built on the Law of Reciprocity. The more value we can share with the community, the more success we can actualize in our company as a byproduct.

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