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The truth is, we live in a binary universe. This means that there’s always 2 sides to every idea, strategy, experience, and expression. When you receive more, you’ve got to give more. And when you give more, there’s almost always a fringe benefit of receiving more. In today’s video, I share my team’s experience of making a difference in the lives of others, and how you can give back to the community in your healthcare practice.

My team and I have always recognized how much the community gives a lot to us. And so our team has always had the desire to share more from our abundance. In the past, we’ve had initiatives where we gave back to the community by donating a full day’s revenue to a “Santa Fund”. That was a great way to share from our abundance, and it was very well received.

About 25 years ago, we also tried something different where we shared with an individual within our practice. We identified a family under our care who was under a scholarship program with us and in financial need. We then made an anonymous donation to their family for Christmas. It has since made a positive impact in my life and healthcare practice.

Stay tuned until the end to see what can happen when you give back to the community and start efforts that contribute to making a difference in the lives of others.

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