This video is all about time management solutions that will improve work efficiency and optimize your schedule.

Time is a HUGE problem for our clients. So, we wanted to talk about how you can maximize your time.

When I recently had a group of people look at their Dynamic Time Schedule (DTS), they were surprised to find that by combining certain activities while maintaining the same energy signature, they could be a lot more efficient. For example, if you cook meals throughout the day, why not do all of your cooking at once, either for that day or for the week?

When the group made these kinds of changes to their DTS, they were able to save up to 20 hours per week. That’s 20 extra hours that they were able to put toward their business.

One of my favourite time management solutions is called a time study. This is when you measure every 15-minute to half hour interval in your day in order to increase your awareness of how you’re spending your time and energy.

As for your work time — when are you most efficient? Morning? Night? Figure out when you work best and plan to do most of your work during that interval so that overall, you can improve work efficiency.

Another of my favourite time management solutions is Audible. Audible is a good way for readers to save time because it allows them to double up on two activities: reading and cooking, reading and running, or reading and driving, to name a few examples.

We all have the same number of hours every week. When you improve work efficiency, you maximize the time that you have and accomplish more without needing to work any harder.