In this video, I explain a method for determining your areas of strength at work so that you can focus on what I call your authentic abilities. In order to identify your authentic abilities, just ask yourself this one question:

What am I good at?

The answer to that question will point you in the direction of the activities in life that make you feel the most alive – the things that you were born to do.

These are your authentic abilities and they will most likely overlap with your areas of strength at work.

Really consider: What am I good at? Once you have the answer, you can start to analyze your weekly schedule and optimize your time.

Fold a piece of paper into four quadrants and divide your weekly activities into separate categories – one for each of the four sections.

These are your four categories: the things you do poorly and despise doing; the things you’re average at; the things you’re good at but don’t get inspired by; and the things you’re good at and get excited about – that is, your authentic abilities.

Just by doing this simple exercise, you can learn a lot about how you spend your time and how you can improve your weekly work efficiency. You can easily determine which things you need to spend less time doing and which things you should be focusing on more of the time.

To feel most effective, you should be focusing on your areas of strength at work, rather than the things you hate doing or don’t do well.

This exercise will help you become aware of areas for time management improvement. You’ll learn to do more work with less effort and will no longer wonder: What am I good at?