Spirit is defined in Webster’s dictionary as “an animating or vital principle held to give life to physical organisms.” Vital principle is defined as “the force that animates and perpetuates living beings and organisms.” It is not an easy thing to quantify since it is a force or energy and not a physical tangible thing that you can measure or sense with your five human senses, but ………. it is real none the less……. Or at least real to me.  


It is obvious to most that there is something that differentiates a corpse from a living being. If you weigh and do other physical measurements to a body shortly after it becomes a corpse you will find that it is physically the same as it was a few short moments before. Yet that corpse can not breathe or beat a heart of heal a cut. What is different?

What is different is the life force or energy that animates that physical tissue into the thing that we call life. I have never seen a cup full of it, or gone to a store and bought more …….. Damn wouldn’t that be sweet …….. But I am confident beyond a reasonable doubt that there is a vital principle and therefore a spirit present in all living beings.

In my experience the human beings that are really killing it in life and enjoying life to the fullest, in both their personal and business lives, are the people that are expressing the most spirit. They are seemingly possessed as they have access to energy and creativity that seems almost superhuman. What is the difference between these people and those poor and timid souls that are surviving instead of thriving in their lives?

To answer that question I want to share a quote from one of my old University professors. He told me “Tom don’t ever forget that Mother Nature needs no help to run the human body, just no interference.” While I intellectually understood the concept at the time I knew I didn’t fully own it. As the years have gone by I have come to understand it more deeply and specifically to appreciate that he was talking about the vital principle or animating force when he was talking about Mother Nature.

Hallucinate with me ……… the organizing principle in the Universe that is commonly referred to as Great Spirit or the Vital Principle or God, is the well or source spring of the energy that animates us all into being. It is designed to flow over and through us to animate our cells into life. It is a never ending spring and as such is always available to us at it’s maximum capacity. That is unless we INTERFERE with its natural flow by allowing blocks or obstacles to enter our experience.

For clarity these blocks are, consciously or subconsciously, created or co-created by us ……… details of why and how are for another blog but hopefully you can hang with the idea for now 🙂  ………..and as a result they can be released by us. Many of them are misperceptions to the reality of things as they truly are or were. They have many names including hurts, fears, guilts and limiting beliefs but they have the same result……….

limiting our spirits ability to express itself over and through our hearts, minds and bodies.

The goal of a spiritual retreat is to help people identify these blocks to the flow of spiritual energy in their lives and provide opportunities to release these blocks forever. Through a series of experiential exercises, reflection time, journaling, meditation, physical movement, group activities and working in dyads or pairs, these blocks are released. The flow of energy that is released and the contrast between the two energy states is beyond compare and often beyond comprehension to people that have never experienced it before. However that contrast and the “glow” I commonly see on people’s faces post spiritual retreat is one of the reasons I continue to facilitate ours.

Is our natural state to be highly energized and inspired to live our lives in our authentic ideals? Is our role to contribute our verse in the great play of life and live life to the fullest? If the answer to these questions for you is yes and you don’t feel you are truly playing, living and working at your highest level, I invite you to explore the opportunity that is yours to join us at spiritual retreat this summer.

Go to www.fullcirclecoachingandconsulting.com/retreat and explore what others have said about the program and the difference it made in their life.

P.S. – Here is a short video that really encapsulates the experience.

P.S.S. – I almost forget to answer the initial question. When is a spiritual retreat not a spiritual retreat? When it focuses on anything other than releasing the blocks to the free flow of spiritual energy that is our God given right as spiritual beings having a human experience.