In this video, I discuss the importance of sales attitude because it’s such an integral part of building a successful practice. This is something that I believe is so fundamental that I make sure to have morning routines that include activities for fostering positivity.

Finding clients does not have to be difficult. But if you don’t have the right attitude, you probably won’t be very effective.

An experience that I had in Mexico several years ago really illustrates what a caring sales attitude can do for your marketing and why I build it into my morning routines.

I had gone to Mexico to take part in a retreat. While there, I encountered a man cleaning the pool and I could tell that he was having a hard time. So, I started talking to him and asked him about his pain. He explained that it was bothering him and I offered to do a session.

Well, after the session the man was amazed at how much relief it had given him. This led to his two friends wanting to get checked and pretty soon I had 26 people all come to me to get checked.

The important thing about this story is the way it all started. I simply wanted to help another person feel better. It was this caring attitude that soon led to me check all of those other people.

This is why I start each day with a morning ritual that allows me to cultivate gratitude. These positive morning routines will help you immensely because they will give you that positive sales attitude that allows people to trust you.

Finding clients does not have to be a struggle. Sometimes just having genuinely good intentions will bring people right to you.

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