Are you reading this article out of procrastination?

Or do you have time scheduled for personal and professional development?creatively inspired

Even if you had this time allotted to a certain activity, there are dozens of distractions that can take you away from it unless you are creatively inspired to accomplish the task. Creative writing, for example, can be tough to complete unless completely immersed in the task and creatively inspired by the notion. Maybe you can’t force yourself into inspiration but the following 14 tips can help you build a persona of creative inspiration to get your mind, body and soul into its most optimal place.

1. Eat Green

Get the nutrients that allow your body to function at its peak. Without proper mineralization, the body and mind cannot perform at its optimal level. If you’re reading this blog, this is most likely part of your daily regime already.

2. Meditate

Meditation can take you out of the beta part of your mind and into theta once relaxed, and that is the closest to “God Energy” or the subconscious that you can get in the human experience. If clearing your head in a busy day is tough for you, I recommend apps likeOmvana and Headspace.

3. Have an inspiring morning routine that you follow religiously

By committing to a morning routine, you go from a mental drowse to mentally and physically clear for the day ahead, allowing you to show up as your best for those who deserve it. See Dr. Tom’s morning routine for inspiration.

4. Get adjusted regularly

Removing any subluxations will allow the flow of energy from the brain to the body. A well-adjusted body is much more clear and focused. Again, it’s likely that if you’re reading this, you already know this 😉

5. Sweat Daily

You awaken thousands of muscles when you exercise, along with exciting the endorphins and clearing your stressors. You’ll also get a nice glow which may get you some positive attention!

6. Hum or sing daily

“Music can genuinely change the structure of water.” Music – and singing, in particular – bypasses the rational, linguistic process to work on another level: instinctive and non-natural. -Grzegorz Bra

7. Surround yourself with inspiring people

A study at the Sahlgrenska Academy at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden noticed that when the choir began singing, their breathing synchronized within the first few hymns and it wasn’t long before their heart rates were completely in sync. We contend it is not only singing that gets you in sync with your peers, as they say “your net worth is the sum of your 5 best friends”. Surround yourself with people that inspire you.

8. Nurture creative time and space

Hugh Macleod, author of “Ignore Everybody” says that creativity must be nurtured. It is like a turtle poking its head out ensuring it is safe, and will retreat if it’s not nurtured. Allow creativity to blossom and create the culture of self creation.

9. Create an environment of success

We have a whole article on how to create an environment of success. From a messy desk to productivity music and even body temp, you can induce creativity into your day through internal and external stimuli.

10. Ensure it aligns with your core values

We contend that every individual is a physical representation of a set of values that we act and live from. If we are doing things that are against our core values, there is no way we can be inspired to do them.

11. Use all your senses

A $7,000,000 study of 2000 participants showed that 85% of all purchases are due to subconscious programming and that this was most easily influenced from multi-sensory experiences. Even memory retention is increased when using all your senses. When needed to get in the right headspace, consider smell, sight, touch, taste, and sound to help you get in the zone.

12. Dress for Success or Dress for the Part

When i was 19 I found myself in California with a 60 year old man whose goal was to have the body of an 18 year old female gymnast. He woke up at 5am each day and dressed in a female leotard before meeting his trainer and his female peers. He believed the clothes he wore helped dictate his physiology for success. He changed everytime he had a new activity to match the clothing to the task. Needless to say, he is a success by his own definition.

13. Comfort challenges

Talent and drive are important but what is more important is to have the confidence to move forward with your dreams. Challenging your comfort zone has been a popular way to grow personally and overcome your fears. See “99 Ways to Grow a Pair & Score Extreme Business Success”

14. Write something down, journal or write a love note

Many creative processes begin with writing as it can stimulate both the left and right hemispheres of the brain, opening up sensory for other creative output. Take 5 minutes and write in a journal when you wake up, or journal your day at night time. Getting into the flow of writing will help stimulate creativity in other areas. Many inventors will write down EVERY idea and dream they have and notice how things come together down the road.

15. Keep a mental temple

Keep your mind clear from stress and worry by being selective about who you let into your life. Dr. Tom introduced me to the “door man principle”. Just as hotels have a doorman to keep the “bad” people out, we should all have a mental doorman as it is much easier to keep someone out then to kick someone out.
This is just the start to living a more inspired lifestyle. We would love to hear what you do to get inspired in the comment section below.