“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.”

Oscar Wildebucket list

The purpose of a bucket list is to get out of the minutiae of the daily grind, and work towards creating a life of intention, and more importantly, fun!

There are no rules, no items too big or too small, this is an exercise for you to breathe in the possibilities on this beautiful blue planet. The only caveat is that this list is specific to you and your core values; not because your husband or wife wants to do it, or because you think you should.

The following bucket list may not resonate with you since we likely have different core values. My Core Values in order are:

  1. Social/Relationships/Love
  2. Freedom – Time & Financial
  3. Travel/Adventure/Excitement
  4. Running/Fitness/Health
  5. Learning/Personal Growth
  6. Creativity/Creation/Art/Expression


Let’s jump into the best 51 Bucket List Ideas I want to accomplish, and
hopefully this inspires you to update your own!


  1. Break a World Record for the Largest Flip Cup Tournament
  2. Meet Richard Branson
  3. Participate in a City-Wide Pillow Fight
  4. Attend La Tomatina Festival in Spain
  5. Successfully Crash a Wedding
  6. Save a Life
  7. Play Hide and Seek in IKEA
  8. Be an Extra in a Movie



  1. Swim with a Blue Whale and Gaze into it’s Eyes
  2. Swim with Great White Sharks in South Africa
  3. Go Skydiving in Hawaii
  4. Bungee Jump off the Macau Tower in China
  5. Camp under the Northern Lights
  6. Go inside one of the Pyramids of Giza
  7. Become a Licensed Pilot
  8. Go to a Gold Medal Olympic or FIFA Soccer Game
  9. Go to the Superbowl
  10. Learn How to Surf
  11. Go Couchsurfing in 10 Countries
  12. Race an Ostrich
  13. Experience Weightlessness in Earth’s Atmosphere
  14. Sail the Mediterranean
  15. Take a Road Trip from Canada’s East Coast to the American West Coast
  16. Be on a Game Show
  17. Kayak Over a Waterfall




  1. Live in Buenos Aires Until I’m Fluent in Spanish
  2. Take a Cooking Class
  3. Take Dance Lessons – Salsa and Ballroom
  4. Learn to Speed Read
  5. Travel to a Foreign Country Alone
  6. Go a Week Without Speaking
  7. Go Without Internet or Cell Phone for One Month



  1. Buy a New Car with Cash in Hand
  2. Sell a Company I Started
  3. Own Rental Property
  4. Own Waterfront Property
  5. Own a Patent
  6. Speaker for an Audience of 5,000+ People
  7. Be a TED Talk Speaker
  8. Donate a 6-digit Cheque
  9. Fly in a Private Jet
  10. Go to Google’s California HeadQuarters



  1. Run the Boston Marathon
  2. Run Over 100Km in One Day
  3. Run a 4-Minute Mile
  4. Successfully do a Handstand on a Stand Up Paddleboard
  5. Donate Proper Foot Wear to My High School Track Team
  6. Do 100 Proper Push-Ups Consecutively



  1. Handcraft My Own Coffee Mug
  2. Sell a Handmade Birthday/Anniversary Card
  3. Create a Children’s Book and Get It Published
  4. Name a Street and/or a Paint Chip Palette
  5. Create My Own Meaningful Tattoo


While this list may not resonate with you, the intent is that it inspires you to get clear on what you want to accomplish in our short and meaningful existence, and begin making a plan towards achieving it.
Vision; knowing where you are and where you’re going is at least 50% of the journey. If you need help with this stage, book a complimentary, no strings attached, 20 minute authenticity coaching call.