A chiropractor and father of five was shot and killed in his own chiropractic clinic. I couldn’t believe it when I heard the story!

He didn’t wake up that day thinking today’s the last day of my life, today’s the last day I get to treat my patients, today’s the last day I get to hug my family.

Many people get lulled into thinking that there is always going to be a tomorrow. But there is no guarantee that tomorrow is going to come.

What are we waiting for to build the life of our dreams and serving humanity at the level we’d love to?!

I don’t know.

This week’s video will show you exercises I have used for the past 20 years in my practice to help you expand your mindset and your efficiency in your business (and how I ran a successful practice with a 5 day weekend).


Step 1: Stack A Day

I have used this strategy not only in my own practice but in many of my clients practices in the last 20 years to help them expand their efficiencies.

Take a day during the week that is typically a busier day for your clinic and stack ALL of your patients for that week into one day. Don’t schedule anything outside of that day.

You may have some overflow that needs to fall into the day before and that’s okay! The idea is to stack every patient into one single day.

Step 2: Increase Your Efficiency Level

Push yourself and stretch the edge of your comfort zone.

Increase the number of patients you see in one hour. If you usually see 6 patients then book 8, if you usually see 12 then book 14! This is a way to get a whole lot more accomplished in a short amount of time.

Push these boundaries so you can expand your consciousness, level of service and what’s possible for you and your team.

You can also expand your operation hours by one or two. But if you do, make sure you get adequate rest times during the day so you don’t burn out. Ensure you are properly hydrated and fuelled with nutrition.

Make sure your team is there to support you to keep you on track and on time. Get to the office early that day to rally the team and get everyone laser focused.

Book the next day off completely and have a blast! Pay your team for this time off and celebrate your accomplishment of expanding your service.



A mind once stretched by a new idea never regains it’s former shape.

You and your team will never be the same after going through a Stack A Day. You don’t know how much time you’ve got on this planet so why not be as efficient with your time as possible?

When my children were younger we decided we wanted to live at our wilderness lodge in the summer. I stacked my four work days into two, increased my effectiveness and efficiencies, opened up the operating hours a little and had the summer of our dreams!

I was in the office for two days and then took FIVE DAYS OFF to head up to the lodge!

My staff had fun, my kids had fun, I had a blast and my patients were well served! Our patient volume and revenue held strong throughout the course of the summer (revenue actually went up a little!).

Anything that you want, wants you!

I challenge you to be as effective and efficient as you can in your lives and practices. We don’t know how long we’ve got on this planet.


Most people don’t get what they want because they don’t know what they want.

Meaning they don’t make as much money as they would like to.

They work too long and too hard… and are STILL underpaid.

They don’t have time for their kids, their spouse… they feel guilty for sacrificing family time to give more to a practice that isn’t giving back to them.

They don’t have time to stay on top of their health and fitness, and miss the way they used to look and feel.

They have limited fun.

They have limited self-confidence.

And their certainty and enthusiasm for their practice dwindles.

Patients can feel this, and respond accordingly… causing your PVA to drop and new patients to ignore your recommendations.

We see this all the time, that is until our clients define success and create attainable goals from our success blueprint exercise.

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