Most chiropractors want to serve and give more to their communities and the world.

But the costs associated with having to market and attract new clients can be frustrating!

There’s another way to build your practice that does not include marketing!

This blog is going to teach you three ways to increase your practice, your service, and your revenue WITHOUT marketing.

It’s helping people see the value of the care you offer and staying for a longer period of time for the right reasons! This is called increasing your patient visit average.



1. Increase Your Confidence In YOU & Your Services

A study was done at UCLA in the 1960’s showed us that 90% of human communication is nonverbal. It’s NOT the words that you’re saying, it’s what’s behind those words!

There are some great courses and mentors out there that can help you deal with the scientific piece of this communication if needed.

A simple and quick way to increase your confidence and clarity in the service you offer is to make a list of the Top 10 Quality of Life Changes You’ve Seen In Your Clients.


How does their function change?
How does their ability to be present change?
How does it impact them mentally and socially?
How does it impact their career and therefore trickle into their financial situation?


Think about the broad change of effect your care is having on these people AND the peoples lives that they touch. After making this list watch your confidence and certainty skyrocket.


2. Never Stop Educating

What are you educating your patients on? Are you educating on the layers of trauma that have occurred to the nerve system after years of poor life choices? Not just the physical traumas of trips, scrapes and falls but what about the mental and biological?

Many doctors are afraid to talk about this because they fear that people will think they’re nutty. Be a LEADER in your community. Understand that as we get into the energetics of life, a mental or emotional trauma to the system is just as negative as a physical trauma.

Are you expanding patients’ knowledge base? As you start to do this, your patients will begin to think of other people that they can be referring and see the value in staying with you longer.

Think about other aspects of your education!

What does your website or social media channels say?
What is your team trained to talk about?
The big chiropractic aspects or just the slips and falls of back pain?
What’s going on in your reception area?

There are so many opportunities to educate the value of what you do that will result in increasing your value to humanity and increasing patient visit averages.


3. Walk The Talk

Are you a living and breathing example of what you’re asking your clients to be? Are you under a regular program of care or are you just getting treated when there are symptoms? This would be incongruent with someone who has a wellness model of care.

Are you asking of yourself the same things you would ask of your patients?


There’s a famous story about Gandhi where he was asked by a woman to tell her son to stop eating sugar because he was an insulin dependent diabetic who was surely going to die.

He said, “Come back in one week.”
She came back in one week, begrudgingly, after trekking so far each way to ask him of this request.
He said, “Please son the great leader has asked you to stop eating sugar!”
The boy says, “Okay!”
The mother asked, “Why didn’t you ask that last week?”
Gandhi claimed, “Well last week I too ate sugar.”


Walking your talk is a really important metric that should not be undervalued. There is so much that goes on behind the veil relative to your communication through your nonverbal. It is important to get ahold of this piece.

Watch your PVA, service and revenue skyrocket.


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