Look, nobody outside of Hollywood really looks their best on camera. It’s awkward filming a video of yourself, but I believe it can do great things for your chiropractic marketing if you’re willing to brave the front-facing camera on your iPhone.

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Here are 7 reasons why you need to get over your camera shyness and face the music:

1)   Education:

In the chiropractic profession, education is your strongest marketing tool. That’s what moves people from pain-based care into wellness care and increases your PVA. Educating one-on-one is time consuming, that’s why many docs do new patient talks to a group of NP’s rather than individual sessions.

Video can leverage your time and talent even more. Have them watch some videos on an iPad in the office or send them over email after their introductory exam.

2)   Conviction:

You have a lot of information to convey. Why they should choose chiropractic, why they should choose you, why they should get their newborn baby adjusted as well, etc.

It’s tough to get your message across over text and pictures. According to Forrester Research, one minute of video is equal to 1.8 million words of written text. That’s leverage!


3) Direction:

The next time someone Google’s a chiropractor in your city and they land on your website’s homepage, what will they do first?

Are you making it obvious for how new patients should navigate your site?

Does your homepage naturally convince your users to read your blog about “why chiropractic”, or does your homepage naturally showcase your team, your office, the experience they are likely to have (reviews), and how to get started?

The easiest way to tell new prospective patients what actions you want them to take on your site is by telling them! Take a video inside your office and tell them exactly what you want them to know, then exactly what you need them to do.

Don’t leave it to chance that they will know what to do, there’s too much competition out there to have a weak call-to-action on your homepage.


4) Know, Like, Trust Factor:

People do business with those they know, like and trust. That’s why you go to the same person/place to get your haircut each and every time. You know where they’re located, you probably know their name, you know the price, you know how scheduling works, you know how the checkout process goes, you know whether you should wash your hair in advance or if they shampoo it for you, etc.

Someone checking you out for the first time doesn’t have any of this data on you and your services. They can only know from what they’ve heard from a friend or family member, and what they found on your site.

By creating a video letting them see you, interact with you, get a sneak peek inside the office, and learning about the new patient process, they become much more comfortable with the idea of booking an appointment.


5) SEO:

Google is the largest search engine in the world, and it owns Youtube. Therefore, they rank videos well in their search results.

For greater chances of getting your video to rank high on Google, follow these suggestions on your next (and existing) YouTube videos:

  • Name the Title of your videos after the keyword you want to rank for
  • Write a synopsis of your video in the description field, at least 100 words
  • Put your website URL as the first line in your description, and your Business Name, Address, and Phone Number at the end of your description.
  • In the Tags section, write all the relevant local keywords you would like to be found for, specific to the content of the video
  • Transcribe your video and upload the text file so you have accurate video captions


6) Reach:

You can convey 1.8 million words inside one minute of video. Then you can take that video, let’s say it’s you adjusting a baby as an example, and you upload it into facebook.

Facebook’s algorithms cater to videos and even autoplays them as we scroll down the news feed. So when you publish a video to your facebook page, you will organically reach a much greater portion of your audience than you would if you just updated your status with a quote. I guarantee you’ll receive more likes and comments on a video than an image posted to your fanpage – go try it!

7) Advertising

Take this facebook thing to the next level and let’s say we want to throw some money at getting your video viewed by people who don’t already like your page.

The cost to run a video ad compared to an image based ad is way cheaper (and more engaging). We hosted a webinar recently and we paid $2 per click to the registration page. Compare that to the video ad we ran for our most recent seminar… we paid a whopping $0.03 per video view!

You can see how far $50 would go if, for example, you paid to put your video in front of the 2,100 women in London, Ontario aged 30-45 who are either expectant mothers or who have a baby between 0 months and 2 years old, as an example.

I hope by now you can see how powerful of a tool video can be for your practice and the outreach in your community. All it takes is the courage to stand in front of your iPhone or webcam, and perhaps a little video editing that can be accomplished for $5 on Fiverr.

And hey… have fun with it!

If you want to talk about how you can use video in your marketing, or where to even start with this possibly daunting task, just click the button below and book a free chiropractic marketing call!

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