This past fall Nature Valley promoted National Rediscover Nature Day with the hashtag#Rediscovernature all over Social Media. The granola bar company made a video promotion encouraging human beings to get outside with 1 simple question asked to 3 generations: “What did you like to do for fun as a kid?”


After the GenX Mom and the Baby Boomer Grandad stopped talking about their childhood adventures in the woods, the interviewer asked an 8 year-old boy the same question.  He answers emphatically: “Video Games. Definitely”

The kid loves video games.

Then the kid with the iPad showed up. Then the next kid who talked about how epic video games are, popped into view.  Watch for the red-headed youngster who tells the guy across from him how he watched 24 episodes of a show in less than 4 days.  Then a pair of girls appeared on screen talking about how tablets are central to their way of being in life –  for 3-4 hours a day!!

Did a piece of you die?…  Maybe a tear? The most real place that we have ever existed, the fabric that created us into existence, has become almost abandoned in society. Watch the video below to see how we are progressing through the generations:


There are millions of things for our kids to do outside. Irrespective of age, demographic, big-city or small, fiscal outlook for 2016, political affiliation, club or country – there is no excuse to NOT get outside. The only reason a youngin’ wouldn’t go outside is because it’s not a value for them. OK camping isn’t your thing.  That’s fine, just go fly a kite.

“Yeah, but I live in NYC.” There is still no reason why you can’t take your children outside to parks, hop on the subway and people watch all-day, or go on a walk and see who can spot the most orange trucks. Better to watch for orange trucks than a show about how Orange is the new Black. Build the value into their life!

So what does this have to do with business? I knew your were going to ask 🙂 …….. EVERYTHING!

This could easily be our future reality. We have the ability to put electronics in front of our youth allowing someone, and something else to impress a values system on them that frankly, couldn’t even be conceived a decade ago. Ever heard of one of these iPad gigs for infants?! Looks eerily like the beginning of life for the Plus-sized adults in the movie “Wall-E”?

We already know this stuff is rubbish!  We know that Netflix, Video Games and whatever is on TV tonight does not serve us or make us more focused on our life desires.  Instead what we intuitively know is that our place is outside.  One of the things we have all of our clients at Full Circle consider is to have a schedule that allows them  to be active, get outside and be healthy.

We encourage all of our clients to have big breaks in their work days so that they can get that midday run in or whatever else lights them up inside that involves movement, blood flow and energy building.  We ask you to look at your schedule and tell us why an Early AM run can’t dynamically flex into your life. Or a yoga session or walk after work in, which you take Wednesday afternoons off.

You have to make time for yourself because no one else is going to do it for you, and trust me you deserve it.

When you go to work energized, relaxed and a more authentic version of yourself, you have the ability to be better focused and serve more people.  Your clients get better care, you get more referrals and everyone is happy!

To quote Ghandi – “Be the change you want to see in the world.” You want healthy happy clients, then it’s time to start walking the talk.  Get fit by turning off the TV and opening the door. It doesn’t matter where you go or what you do, but put down the electronics, go outside and #ReDiscoverNature.