Lesson: Never Stop Growing

A MAJOR lesson in my Personal Development Planpersonal development plan

“I hope and pray that one of the gifts we have given you as students here at this high school is the desire to become a life long learner. If we have accomplished this then there is no greater gift we could have given you,”
the director of education stated at one of my daughters recent graduation ceremonies. “Every great leader in every aspect of life has one thing in common ……. Their love of knowledge, growth and their desire to learn. For you to take your rightful places as leaders in our world this desire to continue your growth and learning is going to have to be near the top of the list of things to stay focused on.”

As I reflected on the wisdom of these words I reminisced about my own life and career and the lives and careers of every successful person I knew. The more I reflected the more accurate I believed the words of wisdom to be. Certainly I got a world-class education at the chiropractic college I attended and the University I attended before I got into Chiropractic College. However I honestly believe that my TRUE EDUCATION began the day I left the hallowed halls of structured academia!

I asked myself what the driving force was behind the countless hundreds or even thousands of books I have read since graduating? What propelled me to attend and/or teach at the hundreds of postgraduate programs ….. both in and out of the profession ….. that I have been at? What drove me to seek out and pay for some of the best consultants and coaches …… both in and out of the profession ….. that I have hired? What inspired me to be an active part of the various associations and mastermind groups that I have been privileged to be a part of over the years? Outside of an intense innate sense of curiosity and vision I believe the answer lies in the words of that wise director of education ….. someone instilled in me a strong desire to be a life long learner …….. and that has made ALL THE DIFFERENCE for my personal development plan!

So my question to you is …….. what is your plan for continued growth as a person and a professional? Do you have a list of books you would love to read to expand your mind, stimulate your imagination and round out your understanding of some of the amazing things our world has to offer? Do you have a list of techniques, seminars, retreats or experiences you want to integrate into your life and professional experience? Do you have a coach that stimulates, challenges and supports you in all aspects of your expression in life? Do you belong to an association or mastermind group that challenges and supports you to be your best?

Coming up with a plan to support your ability to grow and evolve HOLISTICALLY is something that I believe is very wise and will allow you to live a fulfilling professional and personal life. Many people are leading quiet lives of desperation wondering when their “ship is going to come in” and real life is going to begin. What they have neglected to realize ….. staying with the ship metaphor ….. is that a ship can only “come in” if it has left the harbor and many people have not even left the harbor.

They have no personal development plan for their growth and expansion and as a result they stay “safely” in harbor. It is true that a ship in harbor is safe …… but that is not what ships are for!

Talk to your coach or mentor about putting together a short, mid and long term plan for your continued growth and evolution as a person and a professional and watch your life and the results you get in your life exponentially expand!

We have some amazing coaches at Full Circle that can help you grow your authentic expression and create your personal development plan to keep GROWING towards your innate desired lifestyle.

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