The Rule of 38X

Basically states that..

If you take any skillset and improve the results it is getting you by just 1% each day, in one year the results will be 38X better than they are today.key success factors

Let’s take this into the real world.

Say you are making approximately $100 per week in your business- and you implement a plan to make 1% improvements in your marketing each day. The rule of 38X states that you would then be making $3800 per month within one year.

Do this for a 2nd year and your income skyrockets another 38X to $142,000 per MONTH. This equates to a $1.7 Million dollar a year income in just 2 years. The skillsets and mindset you develop in the 10 Day Life & Wealth Turnaround are preparing you for that earning potential. If you apply them. You can see why this is one of the most powerful key success factors.

Now it is not realistic that you can make 1% improvements every day in your business to see these kinds of results, but even if you improved by 1% each week for the next year, your income still triples in 2 years.

And an income that triples in the next 2 years could do some serious things for your lifestyle!

This is an excerpt from Jeff Smith’s “The 10 Day Life and Wealth Turnaround”, one of the HIGHLY recommended reads at Full Circle. Check it out here.


With a 1% improvement in your business each day for the next year, you can start to make 38X your monthly income.

With a 1% improvement each week, you can double your income in two years.


Make an action plan to decide what the 1% improvements you can be making on a daily basis.

This can include:

  • The people you need to network with
  • The Joint Venture connections needed
  • The books you need to read on marketing or advertising
  • The action steps needed to complete in your business, and who can fulfill these details
  • The mental strengthening needed to grow a million dollar business

This will be the start to a Personal Development PlanĀ 

We put together a guide on how to FOCUS on your dream lifestyle so you can apply these key success factors. Check out the free report below.

power of focus