Discover our favorite chiropractic marketing strategy for new patient attraction…

Coach Jay is able to get 5-20 new patients in only an hour of work these days, which allows him to keep his practice running at capacity so he can afford 3-4 trips to Cabo San Lucas each year with his wife and 3 kids.

We understand most chiropractors struggle to get new patients.

Most chiropractors don’t have a big marketing budget to hire a chiropractic marketing company.

Most docs don’t have the technical skills, time, or desire to learn all the complexities of Facebook Ads, Google Ads, etc.

Which is why we love the Lunch and Learn so much for its ability to…

  • have your patients find YOU
  • create new patients without having to hire anyone
  • educate them BEFORE they become patients, therefore increasing the quality of these patients
  • avoid Google of Facebook ad costs
  • be authentic and come from a place of service, not scarcity

This marketing strategy allows you to demonstrate the miracles of chiropractic, pull leads toward you, and all without much time invested, zero technical skills, and a relatively low marketing budget (just feed them!).

Let’s get into the Lunch and Learn model, but first…

Here’s Coach Jay talking about what Lunch and Learns have allowed him to do with his life and practice:



How To Run Lunch and Learns for New Patient Attraction:

You can remember it by the F.E.D model because we’re exchanging food for audience attention.

F – Fill

E – Educate

D – Deliver


Filling The Room:

We have a few ways of doing this inside our Lunch and Learn Checklist, but our favorite one is the fishbowl ballot at your host restaurant.

Once you establish a relationship with a local restaurant where the environment will be suited to you doing a talk to a big table, you can ask them if you can leave a fishbowl at the front entrance/exit.

Show the patrons that they can get a free meal at your next free talk, give them the date and time, and ask them to fill in a ballot to claim their spot.

This is where you want you CA to periodically pick up these ballots, and contact them to ensure they’re coming, and ask who they might be bringing with them. Encourage them to bring a spouse or a friend for a wider reach – you want to talk to as many people as possible!


Educate The Audience:

There is a list of health topics you can cover inside our free checklist, but the most important thing to remember is that you’re trying to get them to self-identify their health challenges. Popular topics to “poke at” are:

  • shallow breathing
  • hydration
  • posture
  • conditions like headaches and back pain

If you can get them to convince themselves that they have a problem they need solving, you’re 80% of the way there.

This will perfectly set you up for “the close”.


Deliver The Opportunity To Solve Their Problem:

This is where people get nervous, get in their head, start thinking about themselves and their internal blocks, and then butcher the close.

When you do this right, you can enroll up to 110% of the room into new patients.

Coach Jay does this very well and we’ve made his “closing script” template available to you in our Lunch and Learn Checklist available here.

However, when you start getting nervous and speed through the delivery of your solution, you lose out on new patients, and they lose out on the treatment and care they need.

Don’t focus on the financial exchange, focus on getting them to do a Stress Check in your office because you KNOW you can help them.

Your certainty is key.

new patient attraction











Grab the Lunch and Learn Checklist to see how to put this together.

– – –

Where This Fits Into Your Journey

The Lunch and Learn comes from our Bulletproof Marketing Plan (step 11) on the journey from a plateaued practice to a profitable one.

chiropractic coaching programIt’s more than just the close of the Lunch and Learn that can be sabotaged by your mindset and mental blocks.

Mindset and mental blocks are already stopping you from practice growth.

As you can see from our Practice From Within journey, we don’t put an emphasis on marketing or any practice related systems until we fix YOUR mental systems.

You have to fix the leaks that are causing you to lose patients and revenue before you add anyone else through the pipeline with marketing and retention systems.


Trying to create success by focusing on these external pieces first is like buying bigger shoes hoping that will make your feet grow.

You can’t spend your way into a successful practice.

You can’t hustle and work hard to get you to the next level of success – you know because that’s how you got where you are today and it’s no longer enough.

Fix the patient and revenue leaks, get out of your own way, and then we can add external marketing.

If you to find out more about the Practice From Within journey, apply to talk to a coach to see how we help docs double their practice and take more time off, often without marketing.