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What is at the heart of human intimacy? What drives us to want to connect fully, deeply and intimately with another human being? Is it a drive to drop all the facades and just be completely and authentically ourselves, as vulnerable and scary as that might seem? Is it anchored in a drive to just completely give ourselves to another person and be able to trust that we will be accepted and cared for?

I contend there is MUCH more to the human drive for intimacy or a fulfilling love life then just the physical act of making love. Sure that is great …… in fact really great ……. But I would offer there is a huge difference between having sex and truly having an intimate connection with another human being. There is something deeper and way more fulfilling in those times when you completely release all the trappings of the human ego and just connect on a deeper more spiritual level. This is what I define as truly making love regardless of what physical act(s) may or may not be involved.

When the Greek work for love was translated from the early writings into English it is believed that there were at least 3 words that the monks translated into the English word love. These 3 words were agape (seeking someone’s highest good) Philo (brotherly love) and Eros (erotic sexual love). No wonder people are confused on what love or making love is when the translation of the word was so carelessly made.

If we bring each aspect of the 3 words into our love making we truly approach what my teacher David Deida calls Intimate Communion. This is a complete release of ego as I stated above and is the peak of the human coupling experience, regardless of whether there is any physical coupling or not. This is a deep and intensely spiritual union of two souls who are courageous enough to drop the facades and be completely authentic with their partner in a time of intimacy.

I believe the drive to be intimate is a drive to be whole. To be recognized for all of your great attributes as well as your flaws and insecurities and be accepted and loved anyway. It is one of the most amazing feelings/experiences in the world and the drive to continue to experience that is basic to all human beings. We want to be accepted for who and what we are, not who we think we are supposed to be.

So how can a spiritual retreat boost your love life you ask? Well one of the purposes of the spiritual retreats we offer is to help you connect more deeply and completely with your most authentic self. To release the trappings your ego may have you bound in so you can be real, whole and authentic. The difference in your intimate experiences, with or without the physical act of lovemaking, is profound. You feel accepted, connected, grounded and complete which I contend is what we are ultimately searching for in our attempt to have a healthy, fulfilling and rewarding love life.

Join us in revealing your most authentic self to the world and watch the joy, fulfillment and connection you feel in your love life escalate.

A spiritual retreat can be so powerful, watch how this couple went from potential break up to marriage because of the “Awaken Your Authentic Self” retreat.

spiritual retreat