What word do you think of when you see gifted, talented, amazing people who have a lot to share with the world, but who have allowed themselves to drift in terms of their productivity, efficiency and ultimately their joy in life? I am not sure what words come to mind for you but the one that comes to mind for me is COMPLACENCY! Complacency is the killer of purposeful, spirit driven, authentic, intentional living and the joy and passion that comes with it.


With complacency you develop a habitual tolerance of life being okay, or life being good in some areas, but not really being great. You get used to letting things go in these areas where life is kind of good yet at the level of the true, incredible fast moving flow of the essence of you, you want more then this. You want to really optimize your life as that is what it is to be authentically human………… An endless drive toward finding the best version of life and manifesting it.

So if you’re not feeling this, if you’re not feeling a strong desire to continually enhance and expand your life experience in all kinds of ways, then you’ve in some way got that complacency thing going on. Because this continual drive to discover more and more of your authentic potential and the joy that comes from it is your nature. Not more and more mind numbing, purpose killing complacency and contentment ……. more authentic potential and joy.

Most people learn to numb that authentic human drive a bit so that they do not have to feel it. You’ve got to build a habit of tuning out your inner preferences in some areas of life, or deciding you’re okay with not having it, in order to not feel it.

So, tolerating contentment and complacency is a bit like a distraction from the amazing life available to you. Even if your version of tolerating contentment is really a lot more like enjoying contentment, I am here to prod you and remind you to not sit there and get so distracted by that, that you forget you “signed up” for a life of exquisite, radiant, bubbling over authentic expression and joy!
Reach for fantastic, expansive experiences of inner freedom and expression. Start to cultivate your new set point, ideally, something higher then contentment and complacency. Something more like hope, or even enthusiasm and eagerness, which are really synonyms for happiness and authentic joy.
When you get to eagerness and enthusiasm, you’re going to find your zest for life …….. which is that thing you have missed and wanted for so very long. You are going to connect with and feel the energy, passion and inspiration that comes from connecting to your AUTHENTIC SELF. You are going to feel the pull of the creative energy that is your authentic purpose and you are going to be more productive, efficient and joyous than you have been in a very long time.


work smart not hard