“What in the name of God does Small Business Consulting have to do with your sex life?” the puzzled entrepreneur asked me at a recent trade show.small business consulting

“Follow my logic” I offered. “Would you agree that it is improbable if not impossible to be intimate with your partner if you are pissed off at them or you are fighting about something?” I asked.

“Yeah for sure” she stated. “My hubby is not getting anywhere near me when we are fighting”

“Exactly true for me and my spouse” I agreed with a smile.

“So lets review the top three things that couples fight about” I said. “Not sure of the order but the psychologists and counsellors seem to agree that the big three causes of fights in couples revolve around kids, money and sex.” I stated.

“Sounds right to me” she agreed. “But I still don’t get how small business consulting can boost my sex life.”

“I am getting to that” I said. “Lets create some context for my reasoning. Would you agree that life is a hologram and that every aspect of our life is tied to every other aspect of our life? For example, if there is a problem at home it can bleed into our work? If we are fighting with a friend can it affect our state of mind or physical health?

“I 100% agree with that” she replied emphatically.

“As a small business owner would you say that your income is tied directly to the performance of your business?” I continued

“Yes that is true” she agreed

“Would you also agree that most small businesses go through cycles and have their ups and downs which therefore affect your cash flow and the income that you take home?” I enquired

“I can’t speak for all small businesses but I know mine sure does. In fact since the latest downturn in the economy the cycle doesn’t appear to have so much of an upswing as a steady downturn” she stated with a melancholy look in her eyes.

“You are not alone” I said with a comforting voice. “So now watch how small business consulting can boost your sex life. Small business consulting helps you clarify your vision and your value proposition as well as clear away the clutter in your business and between your ears that may be impeding your progress. It helps to create or tighten up systems that allows for a more consistent, reproducible and profitable end result. It helps you create outcomes, goals, training and accountability measures for your team so the ups and downs of the cycles in business become less volatile. All of this adds up to a happier, less stressed entrepreneur who is making better money more consistently. When that person goes home at night there is way less negative energy accompanying them and a lot less likelihood that they are going to fight about money or anything else. In fact, in this state, most people come home with a bright, buoyant energy about them which is contagious in the home.

End result …… a boost in your sex life” I said with a triumphant smile in my eyes.

“Damn” she said as she stared slack jawed back at me. “Where can I go to find out more about whether small business consulting is right for me and my company?” she asked.

“I was hoping you would ask” I said with a smile. “All you have to do is “click here” to find out more. You can read more about what we do and also book a complimentary 20 minute small business consult with one of our authenticity coaches if you are lead to do so.”

“Nothing comes for free. It is just going to be a high pressure sales job for 20 minutes” she asked suspiciously.

“Hell no” I laughed. “I hate that kind of sales tactic. We believe that a rising tide raises all ships and as a result if we can help you solve or get some traction on something you are stuck on in your life or business it will help you expand and grow. Indirectly that expansion is felt throughout the hologram of life and our ship actually rises as well. It is a win-win. If at some point in the future you would love to explore small business consulting in more detail we hope you will think of us” I offered.

“Sign me up” she said with a smile …….. and that is how another authentic business relationship began!

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Our focus on “ a rising tide raises all ships” has allowed us to help thousands of entrepreneurs just like you move through a block that was sabotaging their success. Please do not hesitate to email us requesting a 20 min authenticity consult. And if you came here hoping to find ways to boost your sex life……… well, we saved that for another blog post ;)…………. which you can find here.