In my experience, one of the most valuable concepts to learn is the process known as creative visualization. It’s actually one of the easiest activities to implement, and one of the most valuable tools an individual can use to further their own success.

Remember those lottery commercials where the tagline asks viewers to “Imagine the Freedom”?


Well, that’s a very easy example of using creative visualization. The idea of placing yourself into the imaginary place of being a millionaire is something we have all done at least once, and if you can summon the same kind of energy visualizing the realistic goals you have in life and in business, you’ll find yourself closer to actually achieving those goals.

One of the best methods of creative visualization is to imagine the lifestyle you want to achieve after you’ve found success. This can include material items such as a house or luxurious vacation, but it can also include the idea of building a good life for your family. My family is a constant source of inspiration for me, and many of the visualization exercises I’ve created over the years not only include thinking about their happiness, but most of them have also come true. I sometimes spend 30 minutes in a state of lucid imagination, seeing the fruits of my labor manifest in a collage of cottages, vacations and the idea of security for my loved ones.

There is nothing difficult about using your imagination, but doing so on the regular can make the difficult tasks seem all the more easy to achieve.