Name: Dr. Ron Fast

Location: St. Catherines, ON

My life has changed significantly since working with Dr. Tom Preston aka “Coach”.

I have been in practice for 18 years and I was very close to selling my practice because it felt like “life” had worn me down. I was always stressed, my relationship with my wife was worsening, and I was in the worst physical and mental shape of my life.

My practice had taken a long steady decline and it was running me, instead of me running my practice.

Eight months later, I am in a completely different place. My practice is now profitable and the numbers continue to increase. I am working towards getting into the best shape of my life. I love coming to my office everyday and my enthusiasm is infectious.

Most of my improvement has not come from “practice management”. In my case, Tom’s role so far has been more of a Life Coach. He has helped me to identify what is important in my life, and helped me to get organized, prioritize, get focussed and set goals to achieve my ideal life. By getting my life balanced through identifying areas in my life that needed more attention and identifying the strengths that I already had, all areas in my life have synergistically improved.

As I am headed in an organized way towards my ideal life, my practice has grown significantly without me changing significantly how I treat my patients. I have taken my light out from under a bushel.

As I continue to work with Coach, I anticipate even more growth in all aspects of my life.