Marketing, advertising, lead generation; it’s all just different wording that means the same  thing. It paints a picture to convince a potential customer that they need what you have, even though they may not fully understand, yet, why they need it.

…like when diet soda’s want to pretend there’s no sugar in your drink.


What you as a local business owner really want is someone you can help live a higher quality of life. Then exchange that for a currency that will fund your most authentic life..


The first step to getting new patients is NOT a weekly blog post.


…especially one that is created by a different company and posted to hundreds of other chiropractic websites as well.


The first step to getting new patients is NOT a pretty website where people can “find” you.

…although it happens.


As a serious business owner, the first thing you should do is “Know Your Numbers”.


Running a business is all about the numbers, like how much you owe in rent, pay in taxes, compensate your staff each hour, and charge your patients.


A much more exciting number is how much money a new patient will be investing in your business.


From doing hundreds of chiropractic practice valuations over the years, we know the average new patient will spend $1000 – $1500 in your practice over their lifetime.


Knowing that number, how much would you be willing to spend to earn a new patient?


Would you spend $100 to earn $1000?


Would you spend $200 to earn $1000?


Would you reduce the cost of doing the initial assessments and exams if you knew the average patient sticks around for a set amount of time, thus producing $X into the practice over time?


Knowing these numbers allows you to make smarter choices about your marketing and advertising, your quarterly and annual planning, and affects your ability to sleep at night.

So in order to avoid standing in the mall on a Saturday and haggling those who walk by, how can we attract new patients with less effort?


In our experience, Facebook is the best tool for social marketing and deliberate targeting.


Considering “marketing” is just putting the right message in front of the right audience, Facebook makes it super simple to do just that.


Step 1: figure out who you want to target


For example in Halifax the downtown core is alive during business hours but a ghost town after 5:00.


So an ideal buyer persona is probably a professional female desk jockey who works downtown and is tied to her desk all day drinking coffee to maintain some level of energy in a high stress environment. She has a desire to be fit and energized, but the corporate lifestyle isn’t all that conducive to this and so she visits her chiropractor on her lunch break to maximize her efficiency and be able to spend as much time as possible at home in her evenings


For  another chiropractor, it may be they LOVE working with babies and families. This Chiro  can target her ads to pregnant women and educate them on chiropractic for pregnancy-related pain relief AND how chiropractic can make for a smoother pregnancy experience AND healthier babies.


This smart chiropractor knows that if she can get them in the door at this stage of their lives, with proper education, she can have them and their family as patients for life!


Step 2: figure out how to solve their pain (well, part of it)


The equation states that you need the right message and the right audience, but you also need the right vehicle for delivery.


Sometimes a live presentation makes the most sense.


Sometimes a webinar is the best way to deliver the content.


An e-book or report is a popular content marketing method to solve someone’s problems in exchange for their contact info.

And sometimes you just want them to come in for an exam or consultation for some one-on-one time.


Either way, your job is to know your audience and their habits. The corporate woman is likely going to be too busy to want to go back to the downtown core for an evening presentation.


Although, she probably listens to podcasts on her way to work or on her morning run!


A pregnant woman might be too tired and overwhelmed to get in the car and drive to an appointment.


But if she could watch a 10 minute video that gives her enough information to alleviate her concerns and motivate her to move forward with your services then that’s a smarter angle to approach.


Find out how your audience digests content, then solve their pain through this vehicle.


Step 3: remind them of their pain


Whether it’s real physical pain your buyer persona has, or the pain of knowing their child has ADHD and school just started back up, you need to rub a little salt in their wounds so they stop scrolling their facebook news feed and look at your message.


This can be all be as easy as boosting a post from your fanpage and targeting female’s between the ages of 30-45 with children who live within 30 miles of your practice.


Step 4: get them to buy-in


This is where your ad is going to lead to.


Never run a facebook ad to your website and expect people to call you and book an appointment. Very rare chance that’s going to happen.


Instead, you want a specific page explaining a specific offer to your specific persona (from step 1). The page needs a call to action to get them to exchange an email address for value in return.


Even if your call to action is just a contact form from your website provider, it’s good enough to get going on client attraction.


The most critical part of this equation is laser targeting WHO you want to see your facebook ad, and WHAT you want them to know.


If you hit the right nerve, and offer an easy solution, you’ll get new leads very easily. At this point all you need to do is increase the facebook budget to put it in front of more eyeballs.


Wrapping it up…


That’s the framework for client attraction in this day and age.


People are on Facebook more each and every day. It’s their escape from work, their connection to their friends, and their place to vent about what is going on in their lives – the good, the bad and the ugly.


Put yourself where the people are and tell them you have a solution to their problem and they’ll think THEY found YOU!




If you need help crafting your audience, your targeting, your offer, or designing a landing page, then book a free call with Full Circle’s marketing team by booking with our VIP line here.

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