Written by guest writer, Coach Jay Breitlow

Wayne Dyer died August 2015 – and not long before he died I was fortunate enough to see him speak in person.  I never met the man face-to-face, but through his writings I felt like I knew him deeply.  As if he was speaking directly to me through his writings.  Since I discovered his writings, I have always had a deep love in my heart for learning more “about how the world works.”


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I heard him speak about something on PBS that peaked my attention and actually started me down the road of coaching: that something is what Dr Dyer famously calls “the power of intention”.


I wanted to harness this force, this intention and since I figured Wayne was busy writing books, I would look for my own guru.  This was the start of my coaching world a decade ago that led me to Dr Tom Preston and Full Circle.  Today I love being able to share that wisdom with my clients on a daily basis.  So what exactly is intention and how does it relate to the coaching world?
Well, the power of intention is essentially taking a goal, and supercharging it.  I look at my role as a Coach/advisor as the person who facilitates clients on their journey to live an extraordinary life.  I also look at intention as a paramount process to be deliberate and conscious about. So digging deeper I thought I would take Wayne Dyer’s 7 faces of intention and frame it with a relation to something tangible you can do to be more authentic and successful today.

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1) Creativity – There is a creative intelligence inside each of us – I call it Innate, as do most chiropractors. Innate is taking a dog and throwing it in water and the dog thrives despite never taking a paddle lesson in his life. Innate is ALWAYS trying to create the strongest version of you. It never stops.

I can think of a million ways I have created MASSIVE stress in my life – yet as a human, Innate keeps me moving and I like to think evolving. The creative intelligence always seems to have an answer for the seemingly random things that  happen and felt awful or painful.  The reality is when we consciously create/intend our life, the universe gets even more creative as it conspires to always answer the vibes we put out to the universe.

I recently saw a documentary once on the expansion of the US Railroad lines in the 1800’s – and it talked about how the men would get so cold that literally parts of their body (namely toes) would just fall off. People would literally become so unconscious with themselves parts of them would fall off.

I’m not suggesting your toes are going to fall off, but if you keep covering up the creative intelligence in the world, who knows what you might be missing. One tool we use frequently is called the IKIASW (I Know I Am Successful When) tool.  More on that in a moment.

2) Kindness – It’s impossible to grow and see the best in others when we are not kind to them.  Be intentionally kind to “life” and it will be intentionally kind back to you.  The key here is to focus on being intentional.  Sometimes it’s hard to be kind to that guy who cut you off in traffic and sometimes it’s hard to be kind to your body when you have a cold.

But it’s in challenging times where the world, and the people you are called to serve, most need your kindness.

3) Love – The center of all human emotion.  Even the negative violent times can be framed with love. Those times are clearly not acts of love, but cries for love.  Can you be powerful and intentional about bringing love to the world?

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4) Beauty – The power of intention basically is stating that what you think about comes about.  Do you really want to manifest anything that is not beautiful?  I know there are plenty of parts  me that are, well less desirable, than say others.  However, when you can see the beauty in everyone and everything – ESPECIALLY life’s challenges, then you will begin to uncover a hidden beauty.

5) Expansion –  All human bodies go through periods of integration and expansion.  Our cells are constantly going through cycles of expansion (growth) and integration (death).  Our cells are programmed to die when their tasks in the body are complete – the clinical term is apoptosis.  Now the challenge is to balance this.

A healthy balance of integration and expansion comes when all interference is gone. This is where chiropractic comes in – that is what the adjustment facilitates – clearing interference for optimal expansion.  Too much expansion leads to cancer, and no growth, well that is decay and degeneration – aka arthritis.  Same thing with coaching – we are striving for a life of balance!

6) Abundance –  Your body is only filled with abundance when you are tapping into the power of intention.  Anything other than abundance is lack.  When you are experiencing a dearth of water you get headaches.  Fill your body with abundant clean water and you feel better again.

You  always feels better when you are functioning better.  Always.  You cannot feel better when you are not at your most optimal level of balance.  Just as the role of your body is to guide you through periods of lack, to alert you with a symptom that something is wrong – your coach also exists in a similar capacity.

A chiropractor’s job is to take away the lack of neurologic flow in your body so you can HAVE an abundant life.  Your coach’s role is to guide you to the hidden abundance that you are innately part of – just perhaps momentarily blind to.

7) Receptivity – The receptive face of being intentional means that life’s positive experiences will flow to you when you are receptive to things being different than they are now.  For instance if you are reading this you likely were not receptive to the idea of a coach prior – but are becoming aware and making a choice intentionally now to explore it.

Irrespective to your tuned in factor to coaching before, the reality was, a life guide was always there and you were always ready for more intentional expression.  Think about that one time you got a new car.  All of a sudden you started seeing all the same make models and colours of the car you just got.  All those cars were always out there, but now that you are receptive, they seem to be everywhere.

However intentional you have been with your life in the past you may choose to wear a difference face and choose to be different moving forward.  Our role is to assist and guide you through the myriad of choices and options that you have for expressing YOUR greatness to the world.  Give us a ring today and see just how powerful your life is once it is tuned in, tapped in and turned on.

Life can be beautiful, and Wayne was always fond of saying “Don’t die with your music still inside you.”

Listen to your intuitive inner voice and find what passion stirs your soul. When you do this, you’re also tapping into a face of intention.  If you’re doing what you love and loving what you do—whatever it is—you are healthy, happy and fulfilled.

Let us help you extract that music within you and live from deliberate intention:

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