Some people talk a big game about the things they’ll accomplish – in business, in their fitness goals, etc.

Today Coach Jay is here to talk to you about the battle between Goals vs. Wishes.

What’s the difference?

We all want to have more of what we value in life whether it’s money, family time, or a vacation house in Hawaii. Now a vacation house in Hawaii sounds more like a like a wish or fantasy.

Here’s the two things you can do to test whether you will or will NOT achieve that big, hairy goal of yours:

Litmus Test #1 For Achieving Your Goal:

The phrase that I use when describing to my clients whether they are setting a Goal or a Wish:
What is showing signs of manifestation?

If you’re saying you’d like to increase your income by 10% next year, that sounds like a Goal because you’ve got a timeline, it’s specific and measurable. However, if that income increase is not showing any signs of manifesting over the first one to three months of the new year, and there are no specific action steps in place… it’s unlikely that is is actually a Goal.

It is more of a Wish, and you will not achieve it unless you choose to make it more actionable.

Wishes don’t manifest into reality.

The universe is always listening. If you frequently use words like “I Want” then the universe will listen. It will give you the feeling of wanting things. Saying “I want that house in Hawaii” will produce more feelings of wanting a Hawaii home.

Litmus Test #2 For Achieving Your Goal:

If you use stronger words like “I Choose” to have a house in Hawaii on the beach by the end of 2025, now what you’ve done is set a very realistic goal. The words behind the statement are concrete and they do not sound like fantasy.

When setting Goals like “I choose to increase my income by 10% by the end of the year” we get our clients to break down that 1 year goal into 5 quarterly goals that will amount to the yearly goal. There will be 5-10 yearly goals and thus 5-10 quarterly goals so that we can get more granular and ensure the goals are reachable.

For example, investing in a monthly dinner with the doc as a quarterly goal would help contribute to the yearly goal of increasing income. This is something I know that I can invest $X into, and get new patients in the door… therefore increasing practice revenue and increasing my personal income.

If you don’t have deadlines set to your Goals than it is more of a Wish.

If you don’t use strong words that are going to bind you to that Goal than chances are it’s just a Wish.

And it must be showing signs of manifestation!

Going through the process of energetically setting goals is a big deal!
– – –

There are other reasons you may not accomplish even the realistic goals you set out to achieve this year.

That is because YOU are still the common denominator between where you are now and where you want to be.

If you want your practice to grow 10% this year, that means YOU need to grow by at least 10% this year.

The good news is: we’ve seen some of our chiropractic coaching clients grow their practice, break through plateau’s and hit big revenue numbers simply by investing in coaching. Just the massive action of hiring a coach is enough momentum to change you and put you in a position to receive more.

See how Dr. Jen doubled her practice simply by investing in coaching INSTEAD of chiropractic marketing…