The theme for today is doing less to earn more…




Most of us have the belief that by adding more services to our business, we will then add more revenue, and as our business numbers increase, so should my happiness.

This is bad advice and it rarely works.

From the sage advice of Stephen Covey:

“The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.”

Allow Coach Frazer to explain how we help docs like you work LESS in their practice to increase their time, revenue, and happiness:

The Main Thing – Personally

Why have you created your life the way it looks today?

Why have you made the decisions you made that brought you to where you are today?

Why we do anything, consciously or subconsciously, is because of our Values Systems.

When we’re clear on what our own personal Core Values actually are, we can begin laying the foundation for a fulfilling, intentional life. We can make better decisions for how we go about our day, what we deliver in our business, where we spend our time, etc. when we weave our core values into our life.

There is so much NOISE that distracts us and influences our decisions towards what we “think” we “should” be/do/have.

… this doesn’t lead to a life of purpose, this leads to a life of default. Coasting through life hoping you like what comes your way is what average people are doing blindly everyday. You’re here because you want to live your life on purpose.

So clearly defining your Core Values, the ones that are encoded in your Genetic Blueprint, will allow you to choose happiness and feel fulfilled WAY more than any dollar value can.

So THAT is the “main thing” in your personal life.

The Main Thing – In Your Business

The common chiropractic practice has a lot of other spokes that they’ve plugged into the business model.

Many chiropractors also offer:

  • massage therapy
  • orthotics
  • nutrition
  • shockwave
  • laser
  • naturopathy
  • etc.

We have found in recent Annual General Meetings we do with our chiropractic coaching clients, they offer all these other services in their business but they aren’t accounting for much on the balance sheet.

The main thing is the chiropractic adjustment.

What’s interesting is that these ancillary services only make up about 20% of the practice revenue, BUT they are using 80% of the doc’s time and energy to run them!

chiropractic success

Not to say our coaching clients shut down all these divisions, but when we refocus their time and energy back to The Main Thing, their business thrives!

Their profitability goes up, their time and energy expenditure is proportional to the profitability, which allows them to have more time and mental clarity for themselves and their family. They also have more time and energy to put back into The Main Thing which keeps the practice moving up and forward.

– – –

Go back to The Main Thing by simplifying and streamlining your life and your business.

Then begin to make conscious choices that support your values to create more time, more wealth, have more fun, and ultimately impact more lives in your community.

– – –

Dr. Erik had two practices that were plateau’d for a couple years. Watch what happened when he chose to coach with Full Circle, focused on The Main Thing and weaved his core values into his practice:
Chiropractic Coaching client